TheTheme Challenges were something I came up with for a LiveJournal
group I was apart of. If people wish for me to compile a list of these,
please send me a link to the story you've done for them and I'll start
creating a page just for these.

Here are the rules for the Theme Challenge:

You may pick your favorite character(s) to use in this, but you need to have at
least ONE central character for the themes to be about. It doesn’t matter what
fandom they’re from either.

2. The themes need to be at least 800 words. The reason for this is that to truly
explore each theme, you need to delve into it, and the character(s). There is no
limit on the length, but a good shot at the theme would be about 3-6 pages (a
short one shot) and probably at least 1500-2000 words. Again, these are just

3. Try to link the stories to actual events that surrounded the character(s) during
the actual canon, but if not, that’s cool. Use these themes to explore your
chosen character(s).

4. Try to explore different writing styles: first person, third person, dialogue, etc.
See how many different ways you can write your themes.

5. You can pick any combination of themes to do, but remember to relate them
all to the character(s) you chose. You should try to do at least 10 themes (as
that’s the number per set) and I challenge someone to do all 12 sets…..

6. Try to keep the themes so that everyone can read them. I know some people
like to write adult stuff, but try to keep it so that it would be something you could
show to say…your grandparents if you had to. We want everyone to be able to
enjoy these.

And now for the themes:

Fire, Passion, Jealousy, Power, Destruction, Duty, Protection, Pride, Wind,

Orange: Sunrise, Darkness, Confidence, Love, Destiny, Silence, Grief, Kisses,
Evil, Surprise

Green: Life, Scars, The Past, The Present, The Future, Strength, Family,
Nature, Rebirth, Time

Blue: Water, Ice, Cold, Loneliness, Determination, Intelligence, Rain, Window,
Smile, Hope

White: Moonlight, Soul, Karma, Joy, Affection, Roses, Royalty, Innocence,
Forbidden, Faith

Black: Regret, Change, Wounds, Noise, Paths, Heart, Feelings, Blood, Denial,

Pink: Spirit, Honor, Teamwork, Responsibility, Humor, Growth, Attitude, Trust,
Enigma, Angels

Purple: Adventure, Sweetness, Song, Glue, Heaven, Beginnings, Sickness,
Star-struck, Boldness, Chance

Silver: Sparkling, Versatile, Earth, Awareness, Movement, Accents, Glass,
Private, Desire, Dreams

Gold: Arrival, Perfection, Mourning, Security, Hostility, Flying, Gaze, Happiness,
Fantasy, Walk Away

Yellow: Calm, Serenity, Advice, Confusion, Shield, Shiver, Home, Personal,
Games, Moving On

Gray: In Between, Angst, Endings, Fight, Choice, Command, Name, Nightmares,
Help, Attention