The following quotes and scenes come from my favorite episodes and fanfictions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Newest Scenes and Quotes will appear at
the bottom of the page. ~~ Pink

"Older than time, man has always known the calling.
Light of the light, strength of the soul, ignite the eternal power inside me!
I am ninja!
I am pure of heart, mind, body and spirit!
Join with me as I become one with the power of Ninja!"
~~ Ninjor and the Rangers Ninja Quest, MMPR Season 3

"You need to stop. You need to step back and control yourself. You have nine Power Rangers and friends down there who are just as lost and hurt as you are, and they're
looking to you for an answer. They need you, Kimberly needs you. If you're willing to give up on her so easily then you obviously don't love her as much as you thought,
because love never ends, and love can do anything, and so can the Power Rangers. You don't fail, you don't quit. Because if you do, the rest of the world is damned. If you're
a Power Ranger, anything is possible, so goddamn go down there and prove why you're the best. Stop being so selfish!" She snapped angrily, her cheeks red and her heart
hammering not knowing where half of that had come from but knowing it was what he needed to hear. Perhaps she had been channeling Zordon just then because she sure
wasn't good with the inspirational speeches usually, one just had to ask her Communications professor.
~~ Hayley to Tommy, Leap of Fate’s
Amends, Chapter 28

When the April sun was setting over the lake, everybody helped gather their trash and the supplies, packing and foil-wrapping as best they could while sorting out which items
would go back to what household. Talk somehow had meandered back to the circumstances under which the five children had first met, and while he was loading utensils and
plastic containers into a large carrybox, Bob Taylor winked at the youngsters as they handed him his belongings.

"Well, kids … have you ever thought about which particular crime somebody has to commit to be admitted into your little misfit convention?" He waggled his eyebrows
comically. The five blushed; they were able to laugh about things now, but it was still a pretty sore point for all of them. Pretending not to notice, Bob started to enumerate.

"Here's my little thug," he cuffed Zack lightly on the shoulder, who scowled at his father, "helping the junkie stack tupperware." He grinned at Trini, who faked a smile. She still
hated the expression, but knew Zack's father didn't mean any harm, so she kept silent. "The slacker is counting forks," an ironic bow towards Billy, who had to fight the
temptation to stick out his tongue. "And the bully is carrying trash produced by-"

"Bob!" He was interrupted sharply by Marsha. "Watch it!" She'd seen the rebellious look enter Kim's eyes, Jason didn't seem too happy about the epithet, either, and she didn't
want the day's good mood to end on a discordant note.

Bob acknowledged her warning with a quick smile and nod. "I was going to say our junior Gypsy Rose Lee," he bowed to the petite girl, who pouted, but didn't comment. One
storm successfully averted! However, none of the children answered right away. Jeff Scott took pity on Bob at last, seeing that the other man was starting to feel a tad hot
around the collar.

"It's a legitimate question," he remarked casually, telling Jason with a look to keep his temper under control. The boy obeyed with a hidden grimace. "We know you kids are not
at all like you appeared at first." Jeff soothed the obviously ruffled feathers with a wink and a grin of his own. "But just for the sake of argument … let's say there was another kid
who wanted to be friends with all of you, and to be that, he or she had to do something apparently bad, like you did … what would it be? I mean, among the five of you, you
already have covered most major schoolyard crimes," he laughed.

He succeeded in lightening the atmosphere. Smooth teenaged foreheads wrinkled in thought while the cleanup progressed. Trini was the first to venture an opinion.

"The only thing I can think of that none of us was accused of is stealing," she mused, "and I doubt I'd want to be friends with someone who took something that doesn't belong
to them – whether intentionally or not."

"Yeah," Kimberly chimed in. "And being really rude isn't exactly right, either – because that's, like, something what people don't just do for a lark, is it?"

"No. It has to be something more serious," Billy agreed. "What else is there, though?"

Jason suddenly grinned. Taking pains to be out of reach of his father's hands, he barely suppressed a wicked chuckle. "Oh, I dunno. There's still a couple things left …"

"Like what?" Zack challenged him, his dark eyes beginning to dance as well as an idea occurred to him.

Jason shrugged with pretend nonchalance. "Well, trying to kill us is one – and the other would be to go for world domination," he amended hastily, as Liz glared a warning at
him. "Really, Mom – how likely is that going to happen?" the boy demanded to know. "About as much as Trini trying to deal drugs!"

"Hmph. Maybe. But watch it, young man," Mrs Scott accepted the dubious humor with a scowl. "That's not very funny."

"But this is," irrepressible Zack announced with his most angelic expression. The others glanced at him curiously. They already were quite familiar with that look, and it usually
meant one of them was in for a major tease. Zack skilfully drew out the suspense by pretending to hesitate. Finally, Billy caved in and posed the question he knew Zack was
waiting for.

"What is?"

The dark-skinned boy polished his nails on his tee-shirt. "Oh, nothing much," he drawled, winking at Jason. "I was just thinking … if it's a guy, his unforgivable sin could be that
… he'd try dating Kimberly!"

There was an outraged squeal from the petite gymnast as the others broke into startled laughter. Knowing what was good for him, Zack dashed off at high speed, Kimberly
chasing after him.


Famous last words …

"As it turned out, I did all three," Tommy sighed comically as the Gold Ranger finished his tale. Rocky, Kat, Tanya and Adam regarded Jason and Billy with wide incredulous

"Hey, we loved you anyway," Jason elbowed his best friend. "Besides, you weren't responsible for the first two things; Rita made you do it."

"But at least technically it fulfilled the perquisite for Tommy to join our 'misfit convention', as Zack's father called it," Billy commented. He deemed it better not to dwell on
Tommy's recently terminated relationship with the first Pink Ranger; that wound was still too fresh.
~~ Dagmar Buse’s
Perfectly Good Reasons, Epilogue

"Lord Zedd wanted to destroy you; he failed because Kim's love for you was greater than his evil. Kimberly died a true hero. She had a smile on her face and your name on
her lips. Always remember that."
~~ Billy to Tommy in Cheryl Roberts’
Abduction Of The White Ranger , Part 2

"I know that would be a good idea Dr. O," Ethan informed me, looking very pleased with himself. "I’d hate to have the lady and former fellow ranger think we didn’t finish our
job and rescue you as planned. After all her support and encouragement and everything."

That brought me up short, and I stared at them attentively. "What was that?"

"Kim told us she trusted us to rescue you. That we were rangers and that we shouldn’t forget the legacy of power rangers. Then she said one last thing, which surprised all of us
I think," Conner continued.

"Which was what?" I asked, curiosity growing at what my love could have told these new rangers that would have made them so shocked.

"May the power protect you."

The moment the words left Conner’s mouth, I felt the weight of Kimberly’s statement in my soul. Zordon’s words. The ones he always imparted to us as a reminder of the
protection of the power we bore. How our connection to our power coins, and in the later years, our different powers and abilities would get us through everything we had to
face. That phrase became a part of us, part of being a ranger, a member of the team and helped us to stand up against the evil that faced us.

And Kim had graced these new rangers with that same benediction. Given them the benefit of her approval, her encouragement as they took on their ranger mantles. They
were luckier than they would ever know.

"She must have been one hell of a ranger," Ethan said, breaking me out of my reverie.

"She was," I replied simply, my mind on getting home and calling her so I could hear her much-missed voice wash over me.

"Were you and she..." asks Kira suddenly, and I fight to keep a straight face and hope that I’m not glowing red with embarrassment.

"That’s really not your business," I stutter out, and then start to take a step backward. "Anyhow, I hear the mall calling. Black shirts and slacks to fill up that closet. I’ll see you all
~~ Tommy, Conner, Kira and Ethan from JTrevizo’s
Always A Ranger, Chapter 5

As if on cue, Tommy came bounding in from the kitchen, Olivia hot on his heels.

"Sam! David!" Tommy wrapped his brother in an effusive hug. "Oh man, bro, it's good to see you. It's been too long; we've got a lot of catching up to do."

"Obviously," David remarked, glancing pointedly in Kim's direction.

"Have you guys met Kim and Olivia?" Tommy babbled on as he swept Olivia --who squealed happily-- into his arms. "Man, I'm so glad you guys came this year!"

"We had to come," Sam replied. "For as long as I've known you, Tommy, I have seen the shadows which clouded your soul. I wished to meet and thank the one who brought
the light back to your spirit . . . the shining crane who taught the mighty falcon to soar once again."

Kim blinked in amazement and shot Tommy a searching look; he looked almost as flustered as she did at Sam's words, but she had the feeling that his surprise had nothing to
do with the reference to their spirit animals. Sam has this way of knowing . . . . Still, Kim felt the heat in her cheeks grow.

"What's a crane, Mommy?" Olivia wondered.

"It is a very beautiful, graceful bird," Sam explained.

"If Mommy is a crane, and Tommy's a falcon, am I anything?" Olivia asked with unsettling insight.

"You, little one, are the river dancing through the desert," Sam explained patiently. "A precious spark of life in a barren wasteland. Always moving, always babbling, always
going wherever curiosity takes you."

Kim smiled fondly; the description fit Olivia to a "t."

"But someday, Dancing River, you shall fly above the desert on the wings of a rare and wonderful bird --a golden eagle...."

"Like Marahute in Rescuers Down Under!" Olivia cheered, enchanted by the notion.

"And you shall soar with all the beauty and grace of your mother and the strength and courage of the father-of-your-spirit,"

Sam concluded, and his last pronouncement shook both Kim and Tommy.
"Father of her spirit?" Tommy echoed.

"You have claimed her as your daughter as surely as your parents claim you as their son."

"I think . . . maybe . . . I should leave you guys to do your catching up," Kim murmured, thoroughly unsettled by the discussion. "Come on, Olivia; we have to finish setting the

"Look, Mommy; I'm an eagle," Olivia declared as she rushed about the living room, her arms spread as unfurled wings.

Kim watched as Tommy interrupted his conversation with David to capture the eagle-in-flight and spin her around, provoking peals of laughter. She sighed longingly as she
saw the happiness shining in Tommy's face. She envied him his joy at being surrounded by his family, thinking about her own scattered to the winds.

"Just one more thing, Kimberly," Sam began, placing a comforting hand on her arm. His words were softly spoken so that no one else but she could hear them. "As you have
brought light to Tommy's darkness, so too will he bring light to yours --if you will let him.

With a reassuring pat, he took his leave of her and joined Tommy and David. Olivia, bored, finally scampered over. Kim collected her daughter's hand and absently wandered
back into the dining room.

"I like Mr. Trueheart," Olivia announced as she skipped along. "Do you think you could braid my hair just like his?"
~~ Cheryl Robert’s,
All I Want For Christmas Part V: Giving Thanks

Centuries ago, a legendary, interdimensional being known as Zordon came to the city of Angel Grove to establish a command center in his never ending struggle against evil.

With the aid of his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, the noble master sought out six extraordinary teenagers and gave them the power to transform into a superhuman fighting force. In
time of great need, the young heroes could use their powers to call upon colossal assault vehicles, known as Zords.

The identity of the six remained a guarded secret.

Today, that tradition conntinues...
~~ Dulcea in the opening of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

“Get back here Zedd, you coward!” yelled Tommy frantically. This couldn’t be happening, he couldn’t lose Kimberly. “Why don’t you fight me like a real man instead of using
and innocent girl to take revenge!”

“Innocent girl!” snapped Zedd, “Innocent girl! There is nothing innocent about this woman! She has lied, cheated, played, and destroyed ever since she gave up her power
coin! Have you forgotten Tommy? Do you remember the pain and anguish you felt when she selfishly broke your heart, not even having the respect to tell you to your face that
you weren’t good enough for her?”

Zedd’s words hit Tommy hard. He knew that they weren’t true and he now knew the real reason why Kimberly had sent that letter. But, he still couldn’t help but wonder if Zedd
was right. Did Kimberly leave him because he wasn’t good enough for her? If that had been the case then Zedd could just take him now. He couldn’t handle her rejection

Kimberly watched, horrified, as Lord Zedd approached her. Her vision was blurred from the tears, but that was for the best because she didn’t need to see Zedd’s anger and she
certainly didn’t need to see the look on Tommy’s face now. She was literally shaking from her head down to her toes, but Lord Zedd was not her biggest fear. Her biggest fear
was that Tommy would doubt her and she would have to leave him, with him never knowing just how much she truly loved him.

“Tommy, don’t listen to him!” she yelled, “He’s wrong Tommy, you know why I sent that letter!”Tommy starred at her; his eyes appeared empty and confused. Had she lost him?
“Tommy,” she continued, “Tommy, the truth is that I wasn’t good enough for you! You were always so good to me and I didn’t deserve you!” Kimberly began to sob so hard that
she couldn’t finish her thought. Her shoulders jerked uncontrollably and her pulses were so fast she couldn’t even catch her breath.

Tommy closed his eyes, he needed to figure things out and fast. But he couldn’t do it while looking into Kimberly’s beautiful hazel eyes. They were sad and pleading with him.
He needed to know for sure if Kimberly loved him, he couldn’t lose her without never really knowing.

Lord Zedd finally reached Kimberly and stared her directly in the eyes, just as he had done to Tommy.“Give it up Kimberly, he doesn’t want you anymore.”

“No, no, no, please,” she pleaded, “Stop it! He does love me, he said so!”

“Oh really?” questioned Lord Zedd sarcastically, “Then perhaps he’d like to say it again! Tommy,” he called, “Why don’t you tell Kimberly exactly how you feel about her. Tell
her exactly how she makes you feel when you look into her eyes and you see the girl that didn’t want you. Tell her how she makes you feel whenever you’re at the park or even
at work and you see a happy little couple that reminds you of how things used to be. And tell her how she makes you feel whenever you see a cute girl that you would just love
to wine and dine but can’t get up the courage to ask out because of Kimberly’s rejection! Tell her Tommy! Tell her!”

Tears now fell from Tommy’s eyes. How could it be that it was Lord Zedd who would reveal the truth to him? How could it be that all this time the answer had been right in
front of his face? He didn’t need Kimberly to tell him how she felt about him, because he had known all along.

“Okay, Zedd,” answered Tommy angrily as he raised his head and stared at the two, “I’ll tell Kimberly how I feel. I’ll tell her how she makes me feel every time I look into her
eyes and I see the girl that sent me that painful letter that changed my life forever. I’ll tell her how she makes me feel whenever I see another couple, a daily reminder of how
things used to be. And I’ll tell her how she makes me feel every time I see another woman who I think could possibly be the one, but I can’t bring myself to ask out.”

Kimberly held her breath; her eyes were as wide as a deer’s in front of headlights, waiting to hear Tommy’s response. And finally he continued, “She makes me feel like I could
be a better man. She makes me feel like I could do anything, go anywhere, and achieve anything if I just had her love. Whenever I look into her eyes and I’m reminded of that
letter, it makes me realize just how much I need her. Every time I see another happy couple it makes me smile because I remember the smile on her face and the laughter in
her voice that made me fall in love with her. And every time I see another woman that sparks my interest I can’t bring myself to ask her out because I know that Kimberly is the
only one who is meant for me!” Tommy paused and stared directly at Kimberly, who still hadn’t let herself breathe. “So there you have it Zedd, I love Kimberly Hart. I always
have and you better believe that I always will!”

Kimberly erupted into tears once again; laughter escaping her mouth as joy filled her heart. “I love you too, Tommy Oliver!” she shouted to him. For a brief moment the two
forgot that Lord Zedd was even there.

But Tommy’s response only infuriated Lord Zedd even more. He couldn’t stand the fact that they were in love and that while all of this time he had thought they were so
miserable they had actually had everything they ever wanted. It would end here, if he couldn’t be happy then neither could they. Raising his staff high Lord Zedd pointed it
directly at Kimberly and said, “Love is such a wonderful thing, too bad it can’t last forever.”
~~ sweetgordon's
An Evil Shade Of Pink, Chapter 39

Tommy lifted his eyes, watching her with his concerned gaze. "How're you holding up?"

She ran her thumbs along the edge of her glass. "Better," she said honestly, "Much better. When I woke up I… was in bad shape." She lifted her left arm, indicating her pink
and silver communicator. "Zordon and Alpha, they helped me out. Zordon contacted me every day since I came out of that coma. They've been working nonstop to
understand the properties of the Flame… and help me figure out what I am now." A wry smile touched her lip. "The evil of the Flame is far different from Rita's spell on you, or
even the spell Zedd used to make us hate each other."

"During the presidential campaign," Tommy reminisced, a wistful gleam in his eye. "We had the most childish arguments! I even drew moustaches on your posters…"

Kimberly found no amusement in the memory. "Yeah. Zedd's been trying to force a wedge between us for years," she murmured, her voice painfully soft. "This time… he did."

They both fell into a persistent, grave silence.

She set the glass on the coffee table, genuinely fearful of shattering it with her tense grip. Her jaw set, she lifted her head to him. "Tommy," she spoke, her voice resolute, "if
there's one thing I've learned from all this, it's that I have to be honest with myself. Brutally honest. None of this would've happened if I had been better able to face my
feelings, and deal with them."

She stared at her hands, almost surprised to see her fingers wringing nervously. "Instead, I buried everything, avoided resolution at all costs, and let my own fears and hurt eat
me up from the inside."

Tommy winced at her admission, watching her bow her head once again. "Kim, this isn't your fault-"

"Please, let me finish," she insisted. She took a shaky breath, struggling against the odd sensation that her tongue had gone numb, making it impossible to speak without

"There's... absolutely no excuse for what I did; what I allowed myself to become. I didn't hear from you, and I immediately jumped to the conclusion that you were seeing
someone else. At the first test... I found myself suspicious. I guess I… I didn't respect you enough to know better."

The tears streaked down her flushed cheeks, painting a silvery line on her skin. Still, despite the powerful urge to simply swallow this heart-wrenching honesty and retreat from
the sickening shame, she fought for the coherence to finish. "Tommy, I… I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't have more faith in you. Sorry that I believed what we had together
could be thrown aside so easily. I'm sorry I didn't… trust you."

She pulled herself from the couch, her distress making it impossible to sit still a moment longer. "You've always been with me… standing by my side, lending a hand when I
needed one. You always had my best interests at heart… you even encouraged me to go to Florida… leave the Power Rangers to follow my dreams. And even after that, you
didn't let the distance come between us. You made time for me… and you made me feel special."

She sniffed, frustratedly wiping away the tears... the evidence of her own weakness and humiliation. She couldn't bring herself to even look at him.

After a lengthy silence, Tommy finally found the presence of mind to speak. "I forgive you, Kim. For everything that happened... everything you felt, tried to do, or actually did.
But you have to understand that we... we both messed up. In order to work, Zedd's scheme depended on both of our insecurities. I... I forgive you for doubting me. But, I need
you to forgive me; for my cowardice."

Her head bolted upright, swollen eyes frowning in confusion at his request.

"I'm the one that got the letter, " he reminded her, "and I fell for it. It hurt so much, reading that you loved someone else on paper, I was terrified of hearing those words from
your lips. So... so I..." He clenched his teeth, struggling against his own shame. "I didn't call you. I didn't visit you. I didn't do anything that could have unearthed the truth. I
wanted to demand an explanation... but I was too much of a coward to actually hear your voice tell me you didn't love me any more... or worse, that you never really had." He
sucked in a breath, and released it in a long, weary sigh. "I failed you, Kim."She sniffled again, but she did managed to find a smile. "We... failed each other, " she resolved.
She then moved toward him, reaching her timid fingers to graze his tear-stained cheek. "I forgive you... for all the choices you made."

He stared into her eyes, slightly puzzled by her choice of words. She must have seen his confusion, and pulled her hand away before he could say a word.

"I'm s...sorry," she murmured, dropping her eyes again. Tommy watched, perplexed, as she retreated from him, and finished the remaining water in one long sip.

There's something else bothering her, he realized, a grim shadow darkening his mood. Something else standing between us...But if there was one thing he learned from his
ordeal, it was never to just let her walk away without understanding why."Kim, what is it?" he insisted.

It seemed as if every drop of composure she had managed to maintain flowed out of her. She chewed her thumbnail, her agitation so great she actually turned her back to her
ex-boyfriend to help her recover her speech.

Tommy was hurt by her inability to look at him, but chose not to say or do anything to add any additional pressure. Yet his insides twisted with panic as he considered what she
could possibly have to reveal that would force her to turn away.Oh God... she's dying! Or... she's having Zedd's child. He grimaced disgustedly at the notion.

"I," she resumed, her voice disturbingly weak, "I think I... " She cleared her throat, her scowl hidden from Tommy's view. "I mean, after everything that happened, I'm positive
that..." She exhaled slowly. "I need you, Tommy."

Tommy startled. Despite himself, a fierce joy erupted in his heart, her words reassuring him that he still truly mattered to her.

But why was she so disturbed by her feelings? Did she still doubt him... doubt that he could provide the support and comfort she needed?

"I'm sorry, " she repeated, "but I'm convinced that I've got a long way to go to... to deal with what happened to me. And I need my friends... especially you... to remind me of
who I was before the Flame, before Zedd's tricks, and...! " She choked on her words, taking a moment to recover her breath. She released a long, forlorn sigh, and slowly turned
around. Her eyes were closed, tears still running down her cheeks, but at least she faced him. "I... know you're with Kat," she said without heat, "and I won't get in the way, I
swear… but… I really need you in my li-"

She was silenced as Tommy caught her mouth with his own. Her eyes flew open in astonishment, staring quizzically at him until the soft, enveloping warmth of his touch made
all conscious thought melt away.

Kim matched his kiss with equal passion, both conveying to the other the desperate longing that had burdened their hearts for so long.

Finally, when the thirst for oxygen was too strong to ignore, they parted. They both breathed shallowly, warm puffs of air tickling the other's lips as they gazed into each other's

Kim forced herself to blink, breaking the spell of his joyous gaze and shaking off the dizziness that lingered from his kiss. "But... " she stammered, "but Kat...!"

He responded with a warm, slightly amused grin. "Kat and I aren't together. We actually broke up that day Goldar and Scorpina kidnapped me."

Kimberly stared at him, her expression unreadable as he continued. "We had to be honest with ourselves, and each other." His fingers traced upward from her back, gliding
slowly through her soft hair. "I had to face the fact that I couldn't… replace you. Ever."

She closed her eyes before more tears could escape, reveling in the warmth of his strong embrace, reassuring voice, and unconditional, unwavering love.

At an utter loss for words, she leaned closer to him, burying her face against his chest. His heart beat quickly against her forehead, proving to her how anxious he had been...
how concerned her anguish made him.

And then... she finally knew for certain that she could always depend on him. Had he held any sort of resentment for the past few months, there wouldn't have been any hope
of recovery. The guilt would have eaten her alive, for she never could have endured it knowing she'd cost the man she loved more than anything in this world any lingering

Now, she could heal. Together, they could both heal.
~~ Tommy and Kimberly in Vespera's
Pawns, Epilogue

“Juice Bar?” Billy’s adrenaline has drained away, leaving him too exhausted to formulate a sentence. Nods are all around.

“I’ll see you guys later then,” Kim says, standing off to the side.

“What do you mean?” Adam is confused. “Where are you going?”

“To the park. It’s not really my place to go with you,” Kim offers.

“Bullshit!” Tommy explodes, “You’re one of us and you’ll always be one of us.” As if embarrassed by his outburst, he blushes and looks down.

“You’re coming Kim,” Rocky orders.

“No.” She glares.

“Fine.” Rocky advances on her and abruptly swings her over his shoulder, sack-style. “Then you’re being carried.” Kim starts to scream and attempts to beat his chest with her
knees and his back with her tightly closed fists. Tommy automatically tenses at the sound of Kim’s distress, but then forcibly relaxes, except for his tightly clutched fists. Billy
smiles at the sight of his little sister being so undignified and smiles some more when he notes his fearless leader’s reaction.

“See you later Zordon,” the Rangers prepare to depart. Kim’s screams persist. The guys all activate their teleports. The brilliant blue is first. The bright red is strangely mixed
with pink. The flashing white follows closely. The somber black is last.
Scarlet Deva's
Spectrum of Trials - Book 1: A Pink Shade Of Fear - Chapter 3

“That’s always helpful. Jeez Kimmie, your life is out of a comic book. You have the romance, you have the mystery, you even have the spandex!”

“It’s not that simplistic Jonathan. There’s always a constant fear of being killed, of not seeing your family again, of not being strong enough to save the world. It was a huge
responsibility. I mean, usually people try and train teenagers responsibility by making them get jobs or buying them a puppy. We had to learn responsibility by understanding if
we were beaten the entire world was as good as screwed. It was probably the most hellish and yet most uplifting experience ever. We were part of a team and shared a
common goal that just brought us together to make a tight knit family. We were famous, and at the same time anonymous. We were saving the world, and kicking butt, and still
trying to pass Biology in our spare time..” She trailed off and smiled.

“You miss it a lot.”

“Yeah.” She said as she turned over to tan her stomach, “I’m glad to be back. I almost went into depression considering - I had been saving the world but I gave that up for
gymnastics? It seemed a bit shallow and not very well thought out.” She murmured. Jonathan said nothing and the two remained in companionable silence for the next hour,
until both had gotten bronze tans.
~~ Kim and John, Gelasia's
The Choices We Make Chapter 4, First Harsh Encounter

"Tommy … what is family?"

"Er … what?" He frowned, puzzled by the non sequitur.

The old shaman moved closer, looking intently at the young man.

"What is family?" he repeated. Something about his tone told Tommy this wasn't an idle question, but rather a significant one. He took his time answering, knowing that Sam
had the patience to wait until he was ready.

"Family is … parents, kids. Brothers, sisters, uncles … the whole relative bit," he fumbled at last.

"True. But is that all?"

Tommy looked baffled. "What more is there?"

If Sam had been the type, he'd have huffed impatiently. Instead, he just gave Tommy a look which made the former Ranger blush and squirm.

"Let me rephrase the question, then. What makes a family?"

Seeing that Tommy still didn't understand, Sam Trueheart patiently elaborated. "You have mentioned parents, siblings – everybody who might be connected to you by blood.
Call it genetics, if you will. But is that enough to really make a family out of a group of people thrown together by mere biology?" He gave 'family' the same inflection that
Tommy had used towards David a few minutes ago, and was rewarded with a light dawning in Tommy's eyes.

"Nnooo, I don't think so," Tommy replied slowly. He could feel that he was on the trail of a very important discovery. "If it were, there wouldn't be any abusive parents, or kids
neglecting their kin."

"Go on," Sam nodded approvingly. David leaned back in his chair, seeing what his foster father was getting at. Sam usually had a way to make a person face the intangible.
He hid a smile. He'd had a hard time himself when he'd learned he had a younger brother living elsewhere and why that was necessary, but said brother was being even more
thick-headed than David had been. For all his accomplishments, Tommy could be so blind to the truly important things in life! Because he only stared at Sam, obviously
confused. The older man sighed a little, but nudged him into the direction he wanted.

"What, then, is the element turning these biological groups into families?"

It was so obvious, Tommy hesitated to name it. But as he couldn't find an alternative, he finally drew a deep breath and just said it.

"Love. A family is made by love." As he uttered the word, he knew it in his bones to be true. Otherwise, his parents wouldn't have chosen him as their son, nor could he feel so
comfortable and safe in their company, even as an adult.

"Exactly," Sam approved. "But there is still more."

"There is?" The brown eyes mirrored sudden interest. This promised to explain something Tommy so far had sensed only vaguely, but could never verbalize.

"But of course," the shaman smiled, in that wise and knowing way he had. "A true family bond is always three-fold. You have already identified two – the Bond of Blood, and
the Bond of the Heart. Can you name the last one?"

Tommy racked his brain, but to no avail. "No," he had to confess.

"How strange, when you have experienced it for years, and in an intensity and depth I have rarely found elsewhere," Sam said enigmatically.

"I … I have?!?"

"Sure," David said softly. "Even I recognized it, when we found each other." There was no envy in his voice, rather a quiet rejoicing for his brother's good fortune.

Tommy was totally confused. What was it David and Sam had seen in his life, which people had they met who could qualify as 'family'? He had a feeling the answer was just
out of his reach, that he really should know it, but for the life of him he couldn't find it.

"I don't get it," he admitted at last. "What bond, and with whom?"

Sam Trueheart sighed. How blind the young could be!

"It is maybe the most important bond of all, because it transcends all boundaries – of blood, of race, of culture or of gender. Once you have formed that bond with someone,
you will never be alone. In some cases, it can even make up for the lack of the other two." His voice became very solemn. "It is the Bond of Spirit – the one thing that truly
links one Human being to another."

Sam's words echoed in Tommy's mind as he thought about them, letting them sink into his very heart and soul. He had a Bond of Spirit? With whom? But almost immediately,
images began to form before his mental eye.

*Kat. We share experiences like no-one else – having been evil once. Rocky, Adam and Aisha. Questing for the Power not once, but twice at my side. Trini and Zack. Having
to leave the team. Billy. Forming a friendship that will last a lifetime, through separation and despite having NOTHING in common – or so we used to think. Tanya. Being the
last to join a team that has been through so much already. Jason. My brother as much as David, if not more so – both by his choice and mine.*

And lastly, the most precious of all.

*Kimberly. The girl I loved from the first time I laid eyes on her. Who stood by me even though she had no reason to – when I'd disappointed her, hurt her, her friends … who
had her Powers stolen by Rita and Zedd, regained them and lastly gave them up to a friend. Kim, who has shared so many of my dreams…and willingly gave up her own to
preserve mine.*

At long last, Tommy understood. Made the leap from intellectual acceptance to bone-deep knowledge what it was that had prompted Kim to act as she had. How great a
sacrifice she'd made for his sake. That he owed it to her to match that generosity of Spirit – either by accepting her wholeheartedly, without any reservation, or set her free
without conditions. Finally, the former Ranger took the burden of Choice onto himself. Neither his friends, nor his family could do more than advise and offer support – which
they'd done in abundance.

Now, it was up to him – as it had always been.

*My choice. MINE.*

And perversely, that realization set him free as nothing else had.

"I see," he whispered, awed and stunned by the epiphany he'd just experienced. "I really see."

Satisfied that it was so, Sam nodded.
~~ Tommy, Sam, and David in Dagmar Buse's
Letters - Chapter 9

"I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of loving you."

Has he ever known a more complex woman? "Then stop."

"I've tried."

So has he. Many, many times. "Do you want to hear how I got over you?"

She lifted her eyes toward him, curious. "Go ahead."

"I can't. I never have."
~~ Tommy and Kim in Shawn30's

“Tommy, Zordon would be very proud of you.”

The only thing he could do was look into her tawny-colored eyes, silently communicating his gratefulness for the profound compliment. He never considered the reality that he
fulfilled the same function for the Dino Thunder Rangers as Zordon did for them. The thought suddenly had him feeling rather inadequate. Zordon was, well, Zordon. An
interdimensional being. Tommy Oliver was just a human, no where near wise enough to make the kinds of decisions required to not only save the world, but keep the Rangers
safe, as well.

Kim immediately picked up on the sudden flash of Tommy’s self-doubt. It was so ironic to her that the most capable Ranger ever had such a big problem feeling worthy of the
honor. Her sharp, natural instinct that always used to move in to catch him before he fell into his pit of guilt seemed to still be sharply honed. Lifting his chin gently with a
finger, she looked deep into his eyes. “You have a gift, Tommy. The rest of us, we did our tours of duty, and then moved on with our lives. Being a Ranger may have changed
us forever, but you changed what it means to be a Ranger. You raised the bar, actually became the definition of a Power Ranger. The one that all others aspire to be like. If
you aren’t worthy of mentoring a team, who is?”
~~ Kimberly to Tommy in Grey17's
Conflicts of Interest, Chapter 12

"Hey, I have a surprise for you." Tommy reached out and pulled the petite woman to her feet, leading her into the bedroom. Turning on the light, he rummaged through the
drawers until he found a small box wrapped in a very familiar shirt. Grinning, he held the items out to the former Pink Ranger.

"Tommy," she whispered, pulling the green checked flannel shirt off the box and hugging it close. "I forgot . . . I forgot you and all of our times together, but I kept this shirt . . .
I wonder why I chose this one."

"Because when I was the Green Ranger I needed you and when I was the White Ranger I would have given the world for you," Tommy whispered, having already determined
the answer. "You wanted to be reminded of those good times and not the loneliness that followed."

Kimberly sat on the bed and dropped the shirt in her lap, opening the small box. "My medals," she whispered. "Were they really worth it, Tommy? Were they really worth losing

"You never lost me, Beautiful, but we lost sight of each other for a while. We're back now, and I am very proud of you for winning those medals. They were your dream."

"No, they weren't. Not really. My real dream was a life with you, a family of our own, and I don't know why I let this come between us."

Tommy joined Kimberly on the bed, reaching over and moving the medals aside, pulling out a picture of them from their first dance, followed by dozens more from the silly to
the serious, some with the group and some of them alone, even a few of the Power Rangers from newspapers and magazines. "You didn't, really. If you had let me go, if you
really moved on, you wouldn't still have all of these pictures. And they're pretty good ones, too." He handed her the communicator she had left on the bedside table, letting
her place it back in the small box. She smiled as she pulled out the last item, the stuffed bear he gave her when she was in the hospital after her fall from the balance beam
just before leaving for Florida.

"I love this bear," she whispered. "I can't believe how fast you came to make sure I was okay. If it hadn't been for your love and encouragement, I never would have gone back
out there and gone off to Florida."

"I like this bear, too," Tommy grinned. "It was the only time I told you that you couldn't go into battle and you listened to me."

"Oh, you!"

"Sometimes I wonder why Zordon made me the leader," Tommy continued, smiling as Kimberly shook her head. "He could have just picked you and cut out the middle man."

"Tommy! What a horrid thing to say! Though a little sweet, depending on how you look at it. I didn't tell you what to do."

"Out loud," Tommy added. "But I certainly wouldn't have made any decision without your approval. Rocky told me once that the difference between me leading as the White
Ranger and as the Red Ranger was that I had more freedom and no one to look after." He pulled Kimberly into his arms, catching her tiny fists. "But I like my Green Ranger
days the best. That was when I needed you and you were always there. It was nice not having to be the strong one around you. You never judged me or tried to change me;
you let me live and grow as I wanted."

"I liked you just the way you were." Kimberly leaned her head against Tommy's chest, placing the box and shirt back on the table, holding the tiny bear.

~~Tommy and Kim in kazeko-chan's
Live Like You Were Dying, Chapter 14

"Do you worry about them falling in love again?"

"No," she replied truthfully as she opened her car door. "I worry they never fell out."

~~ Jason and Kat in Shawn30's
Comes The Darkness, Chapter 2

All of it is too much for Kim, she can’t take it anymore. “Hell Tommy, you don’t know how hard it was for me to see you dead in my arms. I went out of your life to make sure that
something like that never happened to you, and then ten years later I walk into your life again and see what happened? You could have died on the moon. I left you ten years
ago to protect you and now I put you in danger again. I can’t take it anymore. I would rather have your hate than know that something happened to you and it was my fault!”
she screamed, crying the last part, lowering her head again, trying to hide her tears.

Tommy stood there looking at her, surprised by her words, trying to find a way to answer her. He sighed and approached her, lifting her chin to look into her eyes. “Look Kim,
the first time I was stupid and let you go, but this time I’m not going to just sit here and watch you go. I’m going to fight for this; I’m going to fight for us.”

“What?” Kim gasped, surprised by his words. After he came here yelling, all angry, she wasn’t expecting those words now.

“I’m a grown man; I’m going to take my decisions this time. I’m not going to loose you again, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to make you see that.”

“Tommy… I…” Kim stammered, tears rolling down her face

“I know you’re afraid; I’m afraid too, but let’s face this together. Let’s face the future together,” Tommy murmured, caressing her cheek. “I’ve lived a good life, but it always
seemed that something was missing. I felt incomplete. Now I realize what was missing in my life. Kim, I love you, I’ve been in love with you since the moment I met you and
even after all these years, you’re still in my heart. We met ten years ago in a high school hallway and now fate is giving us a second chance, a chance to find happiness. Let’s
be happy. I need you Beautiful.”

She can’t hold them back anymore, tears rolling down her face now. It seemed so unreal for her, but he’s right in front of her, he wants to be with her. Only three words came to
mind. “I miss you,” she said softly

~~ Tommy and Kim in Mili's
Dreams and Nightmares, Chapter 14

“I’m sorry for bumping into you,” the pink ranger finally offered. She glanced around quickly looking for any sign of Sky or Jack, and swallowed. She and Jake were alone in the
aisle. She didn’t have a good feeling about this.

Jake held up his hands. “No damage.”

There was another pause.

“Hey Syd! I forgot what kind of candy you wanted,” Sky appeared down the aisle, carrying a package of candy in each hand, “Did you want the gummy bears or the sour
peaches?” The blue ranger stopped once he saw who was standing with his girlfriend. His face took on an unreadable expression. “Jake,” he stated coolly. Turning, he faced
Syd and observed her expression carefully. She was tense, clearly she was uncomfortable but there was relief shown in her eyes at his presence. Sky clenched his fist, the
candy still in his hand, as he faced Jake once more, resisting the strong urge to rearrange the man’s face.

A dark expression also appeared over Jake’s face as well once he saw Sky. The businessman nodded, a neutral expression covering his face. “It was nice seeing you again
Sydney.” And then he was gone.

Syd let out a sigh of relief and walked over to Sky. He dropped the packages of candy into the cart and his arms folded around her as she buried her face into his chest,
breathing in his scent. “Only you Sky,” she mumbled, “There’s only you.”

Understanding what she meant, Sky smiled, rubbing her arm in an attempt to comfort her. He kissed the top of her head. “I know.”

Sky, Syd and Jake in BloomingViolets'
Pink Surprise, Chapter 8

"Wait a sec," Tommy called out. She came back to the shore as he stepped forward. He kissed her softly. "For luck. I believe too."

"If anyone has a courageous heart, it's you," Billy said, also coming forward and offering her a peck on the cheek.

"I know you can do it," Aisha declared, giving Kim a hug.

"Go for it," Rocky added with a hug of his own.

"You'll find the power," Adam said, also giving her a hug.

As Kim swam out, she fought down the swelling tide of nervousness. She had no room for doubt in her heart. She felt the glow of Tommy's thoughts; his love and
encouragement were like a beacon shining in the back of her mind. She could almost feel the others' thoughts as well. She would not fail her friends. She would not fail

Older than time, man has always known the calling.

Ninjor's words leaped into her mind, as she reached the base of the cliff. She looked up and saw the path of hand and foot holds that she had followed Wednesday afternoon
to find her friend's spirit animals waiting for her. She closed her eyes. Her heart knew the way. As she climbed, she continued reciting the litany.

Light of the light, strength of the soul

Ignite this eternal power inside me.

I am Ninja!

I am pure of heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Join with me now as I become one with the power of Ninja.

Kim was almost near the top. The transformation had not yet occurred. Undaunted, she went on with a chant of her own.

I am a Power Ranger, sworn to serve and protect. I have been one with the pterodactyl and the firebird....

Down on the beach, Tommy raised his eyes to the top of the bluff. Neither he nor any of the others could see how Kim had managed to climb the almost sheer facing. In his
mind he heard the words Kim was proclaiming as she pulled herself over the edge. As she turned to face the rising sun, Tommy softly repeated her words for the others to hear.

"I have stood with the Ape, mighty and strong. I have fought beside the Bear, cunning and fierce. I have stalked with the Wolf, silent and sure, and I have learned from the
frog, courageous of spirit."

Kim slowly raised her hands to the sky. The breeze blew her soaking wet shirt loosely about her. Kim had her eyes closed and raised her voice for all to hear.

"I have soared with the Falcon, just and able! I am the Crane, agile and graceful; we are one!"

Dawn broke, shedding its rosy glow on Kimberly's tiny frame. A sudden blast of wind ripped out of nowhere, battering her body and tearing her shirt away. Kim withstood the
winds and stood naked in the splendor of the sunrise. There was a lump in Tommy's throat as Kim seemed to be enveloped in a nimbus of pink light. He had never seen her
look more beautiful or more confident as she stood with her arms outstretched to embrace the new day.

"Ninja Ranger Power!"

In a brilliant flash of light, Kimberly transformed into the colorfully garbed Pink Ninja Ranger.

"She did it! All right!" Tommy cheered, exchanging high fives with the others.

Kimberly slowly lowered her arms and opened her eyes. She heard the shouts and whoops of joy from below. Tears of joy welled in her eyes as she looked down at her
costume, but she was not ready to celebrate yet. She pulled out her power Morpher. It glistened in the early day light as if it were brand new.

"It's Morphin' time! Pink Ranger Power!"

A crackle of energy and a flash of light surrounded Kim. Moments later, Kimberly transformed into the Pink Ranger. She felt stronger and more capable than ever before. On
the beach below, her friends were giddy with delight. In her mind, she felt the happiness that bubbled up within Tommy.

"So, what do you think, Soaring Falcon?" Kim whispered as she spied a bird of prey in the distance. She didn't need to see it up close to know that it was a falcon. Perhaps it
was her imagination, but she heard a voice like the sighing of the wind say "well done, She Who Sees Many Spirits."

Kim waved at her friends then powered down, stripping away her uniform. Once again she felt the power surging within her, waiting to be called forth. She felt like celebrating.
She backed away from the cliff's edge then charged forward at full speed. With a triumphant "yee-ha!" she launched herself off the bluff and dove into the lake.

~~ Kimberly, Tommy, Billy, Aisha, Adam, and Rocky in Cheryl Roberts'
Destruction Of The Pink Ranger, Section Three

“That’s exactly my point,” he muttered. “Girls always like that stuff.”

“What stuff?”

“Stuff like—like moonlit walks and…needing to be told repeatedly that you’re important to me. Like…” he gestured helplessly with one hand in the air as he struggled for words.
“Like ways to be romantic,” he said at last, directly quoting the title of the book Ree had gotten for him. “Girls always seem to need that stuff.”

He seemed genuinely miffed, but there was just something incredibly funny about the ice king sputtering out his dislike for romantic fuzziness. Almost against her will, Sydney
giggled, but she supposed his finally admitting that he cared for her had lifted a great weight off her spirit.

“Of course we do,” she said simply. “If you don’t like romance at all, how do you tell whether you like someone as a close friend or as something more?”

“Well.” He glanced over his right shoulder suddenly, and in one smooth maneuver he steered the car over two lanes and pulled it into an empty spot along the sidewalk where
the curb was painted red. He put the gear into ‘park’.

“Sky?” she asked worriedly, his strange actions alarming her a little.

His hand lifted off the gearshift and touched her chin. Instinctively she leaned forward with it, only vaguely aware of him releasing his seatbelt and leaning towards her in one
deft motion. He gave her the gentlest kiss she had ever received, and it sent a sweet, delicious shiver down her spine. To her disappointment, he drew away first after only a
single moment, but maybe it was that ephemerality that had made it so much more powerful.

“Besides that,” he said, a slight breathless quality to his voice that she had never heard before, “I knew you weren’t a friend when I looked at you one day and thought to myself;
you have no idea what I wouldn’t do for you.”

Her cheeks immediately flushed a rosy red, which made him smile in spite of himself.

“Sky.” She honestly had no idea how her voice was functioning properly. “That was the most romantic thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

He just shrugged. “It’s true.”

A smile spread across her face as she released her own seatbelt and lunged at him, eager to get rid of the one-foot gap that separated them. She wrapped her arms around his
neck and pressed her still-warm face into his jacket when a giddy little giggle escaped. Clearly the movement startled him, but he merely mimicked her and put his arms
around her in a secure embrace. The gesture was extremely reminiscent of the hug she’d received at her surprise birthday party, and a strong sense of déją vu swept over her.

“You don’t like moonlit strolls or being romantic, yet a kiss isn’t too much for you?” she murmured amusedly, enjoying his warmth and clean male scent.

“If this sort of stuff made any sense…” He sounded quite serious, but she laughed anyway.

“Would you do it again if I asked you to?” She lifted her head and gave him an impish look. “Since there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me…”

She didn’t actually wait for an answer. She just caught his mouth with her own but he allowed it. Like the first one, this kiss was also gentle, tenderness defined, but a few
satisfying moments longer.

“Syd?” He drew back only a hair’s width away, and she could feel his breath warm on her skin as he spoke.


“We’re parked in a red zone.”


~~ Syd and Sky in C.A. Elenath's
Special, Chapter 7

Four years – had it really been that long? Had it been that long since they had started to disperse, go their own paths? He missed the others, their constant laughter and
chatter, the way they made him leave work to do something fun, the way going out for coffee had become a cause for celebration… It had been four long years of burying
himself in work and his rank, trying to forge ahead without them.

A-Squad Red Ranger – how long had he wanted that, wanted to be the highest ranking officer at SPD? Too long and now that he had the rank, the importance was gone.
Doctor Oliver had given him that rank, knowing he could do the job. Lots of paperwork, but gone was the days of patrolling the streets and beating up the bad guys. Had this
job been like this when Conner held the rank? He made a mental note to ask.

Sky let out a long breath, staring at the paperwork on his desk. The long years and endless days seemed to fade – the others were coming home. Syd had just gotten her
teacher’s certification and a job at Newtech Elementary. Bridge and Z were coming back to SPD – Bridge taking over what had once been Kat Manx’s job and Z becoming
their CPS liaison.

Nothing had been easy, especially in his love life. He and Syd loved each other, were committed to each other, but she had been in LA and he remained in Newtech City
with more responsibilities than ever. The few weekends and vacations they had managed to spend together cemented in his mind what he had known for a long time.

Sighing, and knowing that he wasn’t going to get any paperwork done, he reached into his pocket, pulling out a small box and leaning back in his chair.

Opening the small velvet box, he took in the ring he had bought so long ago. Set in white gold, the pale pink and blue stones glittered under the fluorescent lights. It didn’t
matter that he was now a Red Ranger – she knew what the blue meant. He shut the box, setting it on the corner of his desk. Did he even dare to hope?


He snapped to attention. Syd was standing in the door to his office, wearing white Capri’s with a short pink jacket. She had a bemused look on her face.

“Syd!” he replied. “You’re early.”

She smiled. “Someone has to make sure you don’t bury yourself in paperwork on Friday afternoon.” She paused. “You do remember that Paris and Trent’s wedding is tomorrow?”

“Yes.” He stood up, rounding his desk and pulling Syd all the way into his office, shutting the door. He had been planning on asking her tonight, over dinner, but now… this felt
like the right time. “Syd,” he started. “We’ve been dating for five years.”

“Sky, I know you can keep track of time.”

“No, it’s just that—“ Shit, the speech thing wasn’t going to work. He took a deep breath, dropping to one knee. “Will you marry me?” He opened the jewelry box, holding it up to

A single tear slid down her cheek. “Oh, Schuyler,” she breathed. He knew the weight of her feelings now – she only called him by his given name when she was upset, serious
or in the middle of an orgasm. She grasped his forearms, pulling him to his feet. “Yes,” she whispered, pressing her lips to his.

He slipped the ring onto her finger, knowing that their future was bright.

~~ Syd and Sky in Etcetera Kit's
Behind The Clouds, Chapter 20