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This site houses all of my fanfics for Power Rangers, and some of the fun stuff that I've done over the last six years in regards to the show, including:

The Hall of Fame (pictures of me with the cast of PR at various conventions), the Animal Spirits page which shows off my love for the Ninjetti Animal Spirits introduced in MMPR: TM and in MMPR Season 3, Ranger Names and Meanings which is a list of what the Rangers' names mean and where they come from, videos done for some of my favorite couples/characters/friendhips to some of my favorite songs, songs from the show, fan awards I've won for both the site and my fics, a cast list that while it isn't complete with every cast member does contain all of the Rangers and some of the more memorable secondary cast members, an episode list that is up to date through RPM, a fanfic theme challenge for you to partake in, a collection of my favorite scenes and quotes from both fanfics and the show, a gallery of what our past layouts looked like, and a growing collection of some of my favorite fanfic stories.

I am looking for work in my field, so while I am, I am slowly but surely getting back into fanfics, graphics, and what not. Remember updates are probably going to still be sporadic, but I am trying, and I am aiming to finish all of the stories I currently have going while striving to introduce some new, fun, exciting adventures for all of you to follow.  I just ask that you patiently bear with me.  Feel free to wander around the site, drop me a line at the guestbook or via the contact page if you have any questions, and above all, HAVE FUN!

~ Kim ~
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