Summary: Done in response to challenges by Weesta and Sierra, only I twisted Weestaís challenge just a little. Z and Jack both have unrequited love for someone, someone they canít have, and each is dealing in their own way.
Rating: T
Ships: S/S, B/Z with mentions of possible ZS and JS
Setting: Sometime shortly after Endings Pt. 2
Disclaimer: I donít own power rangers, am not associated with anything having to do with PR. PR belongs to Disney, and whoever else runs it. This is pure stress relief for me, and Iím not making any money off of it.

Dedication Ė To Weesta, hope this satisfies the ZS storyline you wanted, and to Sierra, hope this lives up to the challenge you gave me with JSS.

Chapter 1 - Z's Focus

Chapter 2 - Jack's Acceptance