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PR Couple - Kim/Tommy, some Kat/Jason and Adam/Tanya
Setting - AU Turbo Movie Aftermath
Summary: Kimberly and Tommy must cope with their past, and focus on their future

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If you get out in the drivin' rain
Stand in the eye of the hurricane
And never think twice
If you turn your back on selfishness
And your thoughts are for someone else
Cause they've changed your life

That's how you know its love
That's how you know it's meant to be
When the span of forever
Just never seems long enough
That's how you know its love

She stood by the lake, her attention focused on the ripples the rain was creating on the once tranquil waters, and not on the fact that she was soaking wet. This particular spot of the lake held so many memories, memories she wished she could forget. Seeing the team again, well most of the team, had hurt so much. Knowing what she put them through on this adventure, that hurt even more. It was bad enough she'd already hurt Tommy beyond recognition, but to put her other friends in the position that she had, even if it hadn't been completely her fault, was something she'd never forgive herself for. They should have had nothing, but saving the world, to worry about, and her mere presence in Angel Grove had added to the pressure they'd felt on this last adventure. "They say you can never go home again," she whispered softly to no one in particular. "Things have changed here beyond belief, even if I wanted to come back after all this is over, I can't."

Being in Angel Grove was hard, harder then she'd ever imagined her first visit back, in nearly a year, would be. Being around the others eased the pain, in the way friendships often do, but this friendship was almost gone. The only ties she had left to what was were Jason, Zack, Trini, and Aisha.

The flight back in the new Turbo Mega Zord had been awkward, to say the least. The Rangers and Jason spoke animatedly with each other, and with their alien friends. Kim hadn't said more than five words to anyone until Adam had seen her sitting all by herself, staring into the confines of space.


"You ok?" the soft voice asked as Kim turned in her seat, looking from the stars to her green-outfitted friend. He still wore his uniform, sans helmet, and for a minute, she was taken back to a time when that uniform, that color, had been much beloved. "Kim?"

Blinking back the tears, brown met black, as she stared him straight in the eyes. "I'm fine, Adam. Just ready for this last adventure to be over with," she whispered, turning back to look at the planets and stars they passed.

"If you'd just talk to him, explain what happened..." Adam started, watching as the held in sobs wracked Kim's body. He knew there was more to the story then meets the eye. Those two had been so tight, so in love, not even Lord Zedd and Rita had been able to come between them. Adam didn't think for one moment that some flyboy gymnast could break apart one of the purest and deepest loves he'd ever seen; one that had burned bright for all to see, even after all this time.

"Hard to explain when I don't really understand much of what happened myself, don't you think?" she croaked. Adam knelt down next to her chair, his hands grasping hers. Her gaze turned back to that of her friend, noting the plea that shown there. "Adam, he's happy now, really happy. Trying to talk about it will only ruin that happiness. I'm not blind, I know they love each other, and I will not come between that, not for one minute. As long as he's happy, I can deal."

Adam blinked back his own tears. Couldn't she see that Tommy wasn't happy? The ranger leader's skills in hiding his emotions were far superior to anyone, but Adam knew his friend well enough. The hole left by Kim's departure and their breakup affected Tommy far more than he'd ever let on. While Kat and Tommy seemed happy on the surface, Adam knew that they're relationship went little further than superficial; it simply just wasn't and never would be what Tommy and Kim had had together. "What if he wasn't happy?"

Kim looked at Adam in confusion, until his words finally rang clear in her head. "Then he's a damn good actor, isn't he?" Adam's face showed his shock. The anger in her voice chilled him. Couldn't Kimberly see into what Tommy was feeling? And that's when it hit him. She knew; knew that Tommy wasn't happy, knew that he and Kat were only together for the sake of the team. She was afraid; afraid to hurt the one she loved beyond all measure again; afraid, herself, to get hurt again.

"Tell him, he'll understand. Neither of you can keep going the way you have been, you're going to fall apart."

Before Kimberly could respond, Tanya bounded over and tapped Adam on the shoulder. "Sorry to interrupt, but Tommy needs you for a minute," Tanya told Adam, who stood and nodded. His gaze flew to Kim, who nodded her acknowledgement that their leader beckoned.

Once Adam was gone, Kim and Tanya stared at one another. Tanya wasn't quite sure how to interact with the former pink ranger. She only knew the one side of the story, as she'd been present at the reading of the infamous "Letter". Kimberly let the edges of her mouth tip up, as the words she'd wanted to say spilled out. "Aisha and Trini would be proud of you," she started, watching the surprise register on Tanya's face. "Proud to know they passed their power on to someone with compassion, skill and bravery. Don't ever let anyone tell you different."

Tanya blinked. "Thank you."

Kim smiled at her, a genuine smile. "I think that's my line, as it should be me thanking you, for saving me and Jason, for fighting the good fight I left behind when I moved to pursue my dreams. I couldn't imagine anyone else being any more qualified to be on the team."

"That means a lot to me, Kim," Tanya spoke, truly happy that the first pink ranger approved of her position on the team. "You guys left a lot for the rest of us to live up to."

When Kim's face was masked by what Tanya could only guess was anger, the yellow ranger took an involuntary step back. "Tanya, don't ever think you have to live up to what we were. Make your own mark; don't be driven by what was. Both Trini and Aisha made their mark, as did Zack, Jason, Rocky, and Billy. The second you start thinking you have to live up to what we were, you'll lose yourself."

"And what about you? Don't you think you made your lasting mark on the team?" Tanya questioned, eyes darting from Kim to Tommy and back.

"No, I didn't," Kim spoke, tears welling in her eyes. Angrily, she blinked them back. "Whatever mark I made was erased the day I threw everything important to me away, I can guarantee it."

Tanya's sad smile and big eyes had Kimberly's heart melting. "That's what you think. You've always been his rock. Even I know that, and I barely know the two of you. I love Kat dearly, don't get me wrong, but you're the one that always kept him together. I've heard the stories; I've read Alpha's command center logs. And yes, your letter broke him, but not to the point that you can't rebuild what was there."

"It's too late to go back and fix it."

"Too late to go back, yes, but not to fix it and move forward. Allow me to quote Shakespeare, if you will," Tanya spoke, causing Kim to giggle in spite of the heaviness of their conversation. "'When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew'. Now, if you'll excuse me, my pink friend is signaling for me to return to my console." With that, Tanya smiled at Kim, received a smile in return, and departed to her workstation.


'And now that we've returned, it's time for me to go back to Florida. No time to talk, to try and figure out why everything happened the way it did' Kim thought bitterly as lighting flashed across the sky and thunder boomed above her head. She had one night and one full day left in the place where her heart would always be. Tonight, at the youth center, a victory party was to be held in honor of Jason, Adam and Tommy's victory for the orphanage in the martial arts tournament the night before. She wouldn't be attending; she'd be back in her hotel room packing.

She felt his presence before she even saw him. When the rain that had cascaded down on her head ceased, she knew he held an umbrella over her. "You know, the last time I saw you this water logged was when we went against the Samurai Fan Man," Jason quipped as Kim rolled her eyes heavenward, before turning to glare at him good naturedly.

"Hardy har har," she commented dryly. "What brings you out in the middle of this lovely near hurricane?"

Jason stared at her. Her usual humor and wit were there, but the fire and sparkle of her eyes was missing. And Jason had to admit to himself it had been missing for nearly a year now. "The others sent me to find you, seeing as they had called your hotel and couldn't get a hold of you. Are you coming tonight?"

"No." Kim's answer was quick, a bit too quick in Jason's mind, but her tone had been voiced in just the right way for Jason to make an accurate assumption as to why she wasn't attending.

"If you don't talk to..." he started, before Kim cut him off.

Whirling around to face her friend, Kimberly let him have it. "I am sick to death of people telling me to talk about it!" she screamed at him, watching the shock register on the features so well known to her mind. "If I could, I would, but I don't know where to start, how to start." When her legs finally gave way, Jason dropped the umbrella and caught her, crushing her to his chest.

"Kim," he whispered helplessly.

"I can't hurt him, not again," she sobbed into the chest of her 'brother'. "It's not fair to him, Jason, it's not fair that I let him go because I was insecure with our relationship, insecure in my thoughts that Kat had replaced me entirely. I can't put him through that again!"

Jason had always known, in the deepest recess of his heart, what had been going through Kimberly's mind when she'd sent that letter to the one she would always love. Billy had known too, but had kept silent, knowing that if Kimberly and Tommy were to work it out and get passed this hurdle in their relationship, it had to be on their own terms. Of course, it didn't hurt any that Billy had filled Jason, Zack and Trini in on the whole ordeal and his thoughts before he'd left for Aquitar. "I know you're hurting right now," Jason whispered, as the rain seemed to lessen as he held Kimberly. "But trust me when I tell you, he'll listen to what you have to say. He loves you Kimberly, always has and always will."

"I'm sorry Jas," she spoke as she pushed herself out of his embrace and to her feet, watching as he quickly scrambled to follow suit. "But I can't do what you're asking me to. I made my decision, now I have to live with the consequences of my actions." And with that, Kimberly turned and dashed off into the park behind them.

When your heart insists that you give it all
When you no longer fear the fall
And you just let go
When the past is finally dead and gone
Fate leads you somewhere to the one
That has your soul

That's how you know its love
That's how you know it's meant to be
When the span of forever
Just never seems long enough
That's how you know its love

Tommy scanned the room for the millionth time as he stood with Kat, Adam and Tanya, talking about the tournament with everyone who'd come to the celebration dinner Ernie had provided. He saw Justin sitting at the head table keeping Rocky entertained, but he couldn't seem to find Jason, or Kimberly. "They'll be here, Jason wouldn't miss this for the world," Kat's soft voice reassured him. Tommy turned his eyes to her, and smiled when she reached out and squeezed his hand. The night before, after the tournament, they had sat in his jeep outside her house for nearly two hours, baring their very souls on everything, including their relationship. It had hurt, both of them, to know that whatever they could possibly have had was over shadowed by the fact they were both in love with other people. Tommy's love for Kimberly was no secret, but Kat's confession as to her feelings for Jason had been a surprise, to them both. Reluctantly, they'd come to the conclusion that they'd part from the romantic relationship, but were secure in their friendship.

"She's not going to come, Kat," he whispered as tears welled for what seemed like the millionth time in his eyes. "You saw the look on her face when she stepped out of the Mega Zord when we returned. I haven't seen her since last night, and that was only after we won."

Kat sighed. She loved Tommy dearly, but he was so dense when it came to girls. "You have to give her time," Kat told him, knowing that was the last thing Tommy wanted to hear. "If what Jason, Tanya, Adam, AND Billy told us is true, then Kim's got a lot to sort through as far as her feelings are concerned. You and I didn't exactly make her feel wanted when everything was happening last year."

Tommy sighed. It angered him beyond comprehension to have finally realized that his break up with the love of his life had been just as much his own fault as it had been hers. He could see now, after having taken a step back and heard the observations of four of his closest friends, how he'd neglected to remind Kimberly, who had been so far from home and lonely, just how much he loved and wanted her. Having spent nearly a year agonizing over it, he'd been stunned when Divatox had captured his two best friends and turned them against him, only to have the feelings he thought long buried resurface. 'I was reckless in my pursuit to save them, especially her' he thought back to the ordeal that was only days old. His heart jumped into his throat as every detail of his latest encounter with nearly losing his beloved came rushing back. When he'd seen her and Jason turned against him, his mind and heart had worked to bring them back, even going so far as to take his helmet off in battle. In that instant, he knew, no matter what had happened between him and Kim before, he needed her in his life.

'Now you just have to convince her to listen to you' he thought as he saw Jason walk into the youth center, soaked to the bone, his head hanging in defeat. 'This is not a good sign' Tommy thought as the four Turbo Rangers moved to their friend, who was walking up the stairs toward the juice bar, where they were standing.

"Jason, what's wrong?" Kat asked, surging forward and touching his wrist. When Jason's head came up, the sadness in his eyes nearly undid the others.

"I tried, I really did, but she won't listen to me," Jason sighed, reaching up to touch Kat's face. She'd told him this morning what she felt for him, along with a lengthy explanation of her conversation with Tommy. To say he'd been surprised was an understatement. But he'd returned the feelings whole-heartedly. His days as the Gold Ranger had stirred up some feeling in him as far as Katherine was concerned, so they were going to try and make this work. "I tried Bro, but it's gonna have to be you that talks to her. That girl is too damned stubborn for her own good." Jason turned sorrowful eyes to his best friend.

Tommy sighed. "Tell me about it," he muttered, causing both Adam and Jason to laugh, breaking some of the tension. The two boys were both fully aware of the many times Kim had butted heads with the other rangers, especially Tommy, who she had declared took too many risks in battle that he shouldn't when he had a team of fully capable rangers to back his ass up. "Jason, you know where she's staying?"

"Tommy, I don't think that's going to be necessary," Tanya remarked as her four friends turned to stare at where...correction, WHO her gaze was pinned on.

Kimberly stood under the last archway coming into the center. From her spot, her mind was quickly assaulted with the many memories this place had held. Wistfully, she looked up at the arch, remembering the last Christmas she'd been on the team, when she had stood under it, and what had transpired when Tommy had tired to help her with the mistletoe. "By the power," she murmured to herself. "That seems like ages ago when it was only little over a year." Her eyes quickly caught Rocky and Justin's, both boys smiling reassuringly at her from their seats. When Rocky's eyes gestured to near the juice bar, Kim let her gaze leave her friend, and found it landing on her other five friends. Her brow furrowed in confusion when she saw Jason slip an arm around Kat's waist rather possessively. 'No way' she thought, a painful smile lighting her features. 'When did that happen?'

Shaking off the fear, Kim squared her shoulders and took her first tentative steps toward the life she had left behind, toward the life she was about to reclaim. With a sureness and grace she knew she shouldn't have, she made her way to the juice bar, stopping just in front of her friends. "Agile and graceful as always, little Crane," Adam murmured for Kim's benefit. At the old description, the wattage of Kim's smile turned up about a million times.

"Oh wise and masterful Frog," she started, hearing the others snicker. "How is it, you still know the right words to say to ease my mind?" she asked as Adam shrugged, before letting Tanya go so he could wrap his friend in a hug.

"Just do me a favor, my Crane," he whispered in her ear. "Help our Falcon soar again."

When Kim pulled back, her face was flushed. She chuckled and nodded to Adam, letting him know she understood. "Always. He's always been the wind beneath my wings, about time I returned the favor, don't ya think?"

"Yes," Adam laughed, then stepped back and pulled Tanya into his arms.

Turning, Kim took in Jason, Kat and Tommy. She looked at the way Kat and Jason stood so close, and felt guilty for acting the way she had in the park with one of her oldest and dearest friends. "Hey Jason, do me a favor," she started when he looked at her with that familiar serious expression, the one that meant she had his full attention. "Don't make the same mistakes I did."

Jason slowly smiled, nodding to her that he understood. Knowing that the meaning in her words was clear with her friend, her gaze drifted to Kat. "I owe you an apology," she spoke softly, taking a step closer to her successor. "I am so very sorry for what I put you through, for the position I put you in this last year." Swallowing what was left of her pride, she stuck out her hand to Kat, who smiled before leaning forward, pulling Kim into a hug.

"Just make him happy," Kat whispered in her ear, pulling back to find Kimberly near tears.

"I still have to talk to Justin, but I just wanted to tell the four of you thank you," Kimberly pin pointed the Turbo Rangers with her eyes. "Zordon must be extremely proud of you."

Before her words finished, Tommy took a step toward her, watching as she cringed away from him slightly. He watched her take a deep breath before titling her head up to stare at him. "Kim..." he started, watching as the tears she'd held at bay careen out of control down flushed cheeks.

"This is the place where I made the mess, this is the place I need to make it right," she whispered to him, watching the light in his eyes change when he understood why she was going to do this here in front of their friends instead of in private. "I made the worst mistake of my life the day I chose to leave the team, to leave home, to leave you, for a dream that I haven't accomplished, and probably never will," Kim's voice wavered slightly as her gaze never left Tommy's. She could see the instant he understood why she'd been in Angel Grove in the first place when all this madness had started.

"I was away from home, away from the security that I had with all of you, but with especially you Tommy, and I let myself waver from what I knew was the truth and what was a lie," she spoke slowly, knowing that the entire group was digesting what she was saying. "My letter and the reasons behind it, was childish, immature, and downright stupid. Sending it here the way I did was even dumber. I can't take back the hurt I caused you, I can't take back the pain that was caused, or get back the year that we lost. But right here, right now," she spoke, her gaze dropping to her hands before she forced it back to Tommy's face. The understanding, the acceptance, but most of all the love in his eyes caused her heart to shatter. She knew in that moment, he knew everything. "I want to apologize to you, first for hurting you beyond belief, and second, for not believing in us enough to put everything else aside and talk to you about my feelings. I can only hope, that one day, you'll forgive me."

Tommy stared at her silently, not knowing how to apologize to her after her passionate plea. Kim took his silence as anger, her head hanging for a moment before her pride reasserted itself. Nodding to the others in farewell, she attempted to smile at Tommy, then turned and made to flee the youth center. His hand wrapped around her upper arm before she could even get down the step that led from the Juice Bar. She felt him spin her around. She clenched her eyes shut, expecting him to yell at her, to be mad with her. What she didn't expect was for Tommy's lips to suddenly smother her own in a heated kiss unlike any that they had ever shared.

At the feel of his lips, Kim's eyes popped open in surprise and shock. The kiss definitely wasn't what she'd been expecting.

No part of you questions
No part of you doubts
You're only sure this is
What loves about
And nothing and no one
Can stand in your way
Or keep you from sayin'
What your heart is dyin' to say

That's how you know its love
That's how you know it's meant to be
When the span of forever
Just never seems long enough
That's how you know its love

The pair stayed locked for a long time, until the lights had dimmed in the center and music started to play. Pulling back, Tommy moved his hands from her arms to caress her face. Both of their breathing was labored, the feelings raw, but the moment she opened her eyes, Tommy felt his world shift back into place. The song that floated around them caused tears in both their eyes. "Dance with me?" he pleaded. Her answer was merely a nod; she didn't trust her voice not to break if she tried to speak.

Tommy released her face and gripped her hands, pulling her out into the center of the dance floor where Tanya and Adam, and Kat and Jason, were already dancing along with other couples. Before Kim could even protest, Tommy had hauled her against him, holding her as tightly as he could without hurting her. Helplessly, she leaned her head against his chest, her ear finding the spot just above his heart. "I forgive you," he whispered, his voice strained. Kim tried to lift her head to look into his face, but his chin was resting on top of her head. "But I need you to do something for me."

"Anything," Kimberly whispered. She do anything, just sort of something that involved her getting in trouble with the law, to be back in his life.

Tommy smiled into her hair. "I need you to forgive me."

This time, Kim's head did come up. Her eyes showed her confusion at his request. "Tommy, there's nothing for..." she started, before he cut her off.

"Yes there is. I couldn't see past my own hurt when everything happened, couldn't see and understand what you were thinking, but I've talked to Jason, to Adam, to Billy," he told her, watching the confusion fade, to be replaced by understanding. "I should have come after you once I got the letter, but that's neither here nor there, what I want forgiveness for is for letting the letter happen in the first place. If I had tried harder, you'd have never had a reason to doubt what was between us."

Kim shook her head, not completely understanding what was happening. "Tommy, you have nothing to be sorry for, I have never once held you accountable for my feelings, because they're just that, MY feelings."

"Kim," he pleaded with her, watching the grin slid onto her face when she realized life was about to go back to normal again, well, as normal as normal was for them.

Looking up through her lashes, Kimberly smiled at him, and told him, "I forgive you."

Tommy smiled, feeling as if the world had just moved beneath him. He had her back, and the past was in the past. He knew the road ahead would be paved with more obstacles, but as long as they stuck together, they'd get through each and every one of them. "I love you, Beautiful," he whispered, watching as surprised tears well in her eyes.

Laughing, Kim threw herself back into his arms, her own snaking around his neck as they held each other close. "I love you too, Handsome, I love you too."