My Colors, My Love

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: May 1, 2008


Summary: On home for vacation, Sky finds how arousing it is to have his wife wearing his color.

Rating: MA

Ship: S/S

Genre: Romance


Author’s Notes: This was inspired by Challenge Two at It’s All In The Chemistry: A little ficlet (or perhaps longer if you so desire) dealing with Sky's reaction to seeing Syd wear the color blue. This idea is based off of a TK story by Ally-Kamiya titled When She Wears My Color (there was also a sequel titled When He Wears My Color). I noticed that Syd wears blue a few times throughout the season, so you can base it on an ep, or whenever you'd like. I just thought it would be cute to see that Sky is affected when she's in blue. If you can work it in that he some how ends up in pink, and Syd's reaction to that, that would be great! Have fun!  Okay, this story seriously got away from me, and it’s not all completely about Syd wearing his color, because I wanted a big chunk of SS fluff and sex, so that’s what the focus was, then it developed into the challenge.


Disclaimer: Don’t own them, wish I did!




If he could have laughed without getting hit, he would have.  It wasn’t every day he saw his petite wife up to her pigtails in multi-colored paint, an annoyed expression on her face, and painter’s tape stuck to her hands so bad she couldn’t get herself free.  “Schuyler Alan Tate, I swear to God if you start laughing at me, I’m going to belt you the second I get free!” she hissed, struggling mightily with the tape to no avail.


Kneeling down, Sky quietly reached out and began helping her undo the tape.  He tried not to laugh, but he couldn’t help it; she looked too adorable.  “Baby, what were you trying to do?”


She pouted at him as he got her hands free.  “I was trying to tape off the trim, the windows, and the door so I could get the primer on the walls before you got home.”


He looked at her, highly amused, and just shook his head.  She was so excited that he was taking two weeks off to help her renovate some of the rooms in their new house that she had wanted to get started early.  “Alright, listen.  I’m going to go put my sweats on, and then we can get started.”


Skyyyyyy….” she whined.  “It’s too late to put the paint on now.”


Chuckling, he leaned forward to kiss her nose.  “Tell you what.  Let’s go change, order dinner, at least get the tape up then shower.  We’ll get up bright and early and paint tomorrow.”


“Okay,” she sighed happily and followed him upstairs.




“Sky!” she cried out breathlessly, her body slapping back against the tiles of their shower.  Her husband’s body was frantically thrusting against hers, his cock roughly caressing the ring of inner muscles at her center, while the hot shower spray beat down on them.  “Baby!  Harder!”


She felt him grin against her neck before his hips jack hammered into her.  The friction the move caused sent her the last bit over the cliff into her climax.  Sky cried out hoarsely, his release exploding into her in a series of hot bursts.  She clung to him tightly; arms wrapped around his neck, legs clasping his hips.  He was braced on one arm against her body and the shower wall while the other cupped her butt.  They stayed locked together before she felt herself slipping.  “Baby, I’m falling, she cried softly in his ear.


“Just slide against my body,” he murmured, his voice thick and sleep.  Carefully she managed to slip him out of her body before she put her feet on the ground.  “Damn,” he muttered, the now cooling water of the shower getting to him.


“We should rinse off and go to bed,” she yawned.  Thankfully they’d eaten and taped off the rooms before coming up to shower.  Quickly and quietly, they soaped each other, washed off, and headed for bed.




Sydney smiled, watching him sleep.  He lay on his side facing her, one arm tucked under his pillow and the other on her hip.  His face was relaxed in sleep; the worry, pressure and aloofness usually present were gone.  In his sleep, Sky looked like the cute, All American boy she knew he was anything but.  Anger rose swiftly when she saw the dark purple circles under his eyes.  Between his job as Commander of SPD Earth, them moving into a new house, and their recent wedding, he had been running in twenty different directions and not getting enough sleep.  She made a promise to herself to make sure the next two weeks were peaceful and relaxing for him.




Blinking, Sky grumbled at the sun streaming through the curtains in their bedroom.  It took him a few seconds to realize he’d woken later than planned and that Sydney wasn’t with him.  “Fuck.”


“What’s wrong?”  Pushing up on his elbows, Sky found his wife walking into their bedroom with a tray of food.


“Are those blueberry waffles?” he gasped when she settled the tray on his lap.


Syd grinned.  “Shush and eat.  I want you to relax today.”


Blue eyes narrowed in confusion.  “I thought we were going to paint?”


She shook her head.  “I’ve got that handled.  I put your new novel here on the nightstand; the TV remote is there too.  Eat and relax.  In a few hours I’ll come check on you.”


Sky found her walking away before he could protest.  For a moment, the former SPD Ranger wondered who the blonde was and what had she done with his wife.  Deciding the mystery could wait, he dug into his breakfast, moaning at the yummy goodness of Syd’s homemade waffles.




Four hours later, after breakfast, three chapters of his novel, and an unexpected nap, Sky found himself lonely and wanting his wife.  Normally, he was perfectly content to spend a few hours alone, but he found he needed to be near her just now.  He slowly padded from their room, his ears straining for any sounds that would alert him to Sydney’s location.  He checked all the rooms upstairs only to find them primed with paint.  Downstairs, the den and living room, which they’d taped off the night before, were primed as well.


Heading to the kitchen, he caught sight of his petite wife outside in the yard.  She was scrubbing the paint supplies off and setting them out to dry before she moved to the lawn mower.  He watched her eye the contraption before she flicked open her morpher.  A grin split his lips when he realized she was calling Bridge or Boom for instructions.


Quietly, he stepped onto the deck and listened to her conversation.  “Bridgey, there is no pulley on this thing.”


“Syd, look near the front.  There should be a handle with a string for you to pull.”


Sky grinned as she knelt in front of it, grinning and happily chattering when she found the start lever.  “Got it!”


“Okay.  Pull it a few times until the mower starts.  Each time you shut the mower down, you may have to restart it, okay?”


“Thank you Bridgey.”


“Welcome.  I’m sure you’ll shock Sky.”  Their eyes met when Syd looked up then, and she blushed when he smiled at her.


“I think I already did,” she murmured.  “Syd out.”


Smirking, Sky stepped off the deck and approached her.  “Problems?” he asked.


Squaring her shoulders, she faced him.  “No, problem solved.  What are you doing out of bed?”


“I’m not sick, Syd.  And why are you trying to mow the lawn?”


“Because it needs it.  I know you’re not sick, but you’re on vacation, you need to rest.”


He opened his mouth but the sound of the lawn mower silenced his response.  He watched in amazement as his wife, who once never would have been caught dead doing anything remotely resembling chores, struggled around the yard with the mower.  Shaking his head, he headed up to the deck to watch her.  Sky almost laughed as he watched her, but it suddenly struck him why she was doing all of these chores – she was trying to show she was a good wife.  Contemplating his response, Sky headed into the house to make lunch and plot.




“Sky?” Syd called out, brushing the grass off her legs.  “Baby?”


“In the kitchen!”


Frowning, Sydney walked into the aforementioned room, finding her husband standing at the stove, cooking.  “What are you doing?”


He grinned and turned his head toward her.  “Making lunch.”


“You should be relaxing,” she muttered.


Shaking his head, Sky turned the burners down and turned toward her.  “Syd, stop it.”


“Stop what?”


“Treating me like I’m going to break; stop trying to be the perfect wife,” he started, watching her frown.  “You’re perfect the way you are; I didn’t marry June Cleaver, I married Sydney Drew.”


“Who’s June Cleaver?”


Sky chuckled, realizing his wife wasn’t a classic television buff and therefore wouldn’t know the character everyone had once called ‘The Perfect Mother and Wife’.  “Never mind.  My point is that you need to relax,” he murmured, pulling her into his arms.


“You looked so worn out last night,” she whispered, biting her lip.  “I just wanted to prove…”


He kissed her softly, silencing her comments.  “I know, but you have nothing to prove.  If I look tired, it’s because I haven’t gotten to see you enough lately.  Work’s been extra hectic, and everything’s a little off without you around.”


Sydney nodded.  Her two month leave of absence was coming to an end alongside Sky’s two week vacation.  She understood they were both going to be incredibly busy once they got back to work.  “Sorry.”


“What are you sorry for?” he asked, clearly confused.  “We agreed you needed to take the time off to get the house settled.  Yes, I’ll be glad when you come back to work, cause we’re a team and things are a little off without you, but don’t apologize.  Mutual decision remember?”


Sydney looked up at him and smiled.  “What’s for lunch?”


“Go shower and you’ll see,” he smirked, patting her butt as she turned to leave.


The Pink Ranger shot a glance over her shoulder followed by a comment that had her husband’s eyes darkening with desire.  “I see how it is, now that we’re married, all the kinky fetishes are coming out.”


“Just wait until after lunch.”




She was wearing only one of Sky’s button-up red dress shirts, which came to mid thigh, and a pair of panties, when she entered the dinning room.  The table was set for two, with candles lit and dishes already on the table.  “Baby?” she called out to him.


“Have a seat,” he responded, carrying to bowls in.  Syd’s eyebrows rose when she saw the salad he carried.




“Eat up.  I’ll be right back.”  So saying, he disappeared into the kitchen again before returning with a pitcher of water and a bread basket.  “Grilled chicken and steamed asparagus okay?”


Sydney nodded and smiled at him.  “Sounds delicious.  What do you do for an encore?” she teased.


Sky wiggled his eyebrows at her.  “Wait until I get you upstairs,” he told her with a smirk.


The Pink Ranger grinned down at her salad.  “Why upstairs?  We have a perfectly good table.”  She smirked when her husband’s eyebrows shot up and he suddenly lost interest in his lunch.


“You are so bad, Syd, so bad,” he laughed, shaking his head.  “Now how am I supposed to concentrate on eating?”


Sydney just shrugged and shot him a mischievous look.  “You could wait for the buffet,” she teased.  “Or save it and have dessert first.”


Sky’s eyes widened.  Sydney was usually the demure, quiet one.  Now that they were married, the seductive woman within was emerging, and he was enjoying seeing her blossom.  “What has gotten into you?” he cracked.


“I’m hoping after lunch, you,” she retorted before popping a fork-full of salad into her mouth.


The former Red and Blue Ranger took a large gulp of his water and set his attention on his salad until the buzzer in the kitchen alerted him to the rest of their lunch being done.




“Jesus Syd!” Sky gasped, collapsing against the table while his wife crawled up to straddle his lap.


“Yes?” she drawled, watching him pant.  “You like?”


“Uh…yeah…” he panted.


Leaning down, Syd pressed soft kisses to his chest, smiling when his hands began caressing her thighs.  “We certainly broke in the new table, didn’t we?”


Sky laughed at that.  “Yeah.  Baby, my back is killing me; can we go upstairs before we do anymore?”


“Aw, I was hoping you’d keep your promise about getting inside me,” she purred, leaning down to kiss his lips.


“I will, just as soon as we get into our bed,” he promised her, rearing up.  Sliding off the table, he hoisted her into his arms and carried her upstairs.




It was moments like this that Sydney loved most.  She was tired after having been thoroughly loved by her husband, who was currently cradled between her thighs, his head resting on her chest.  Normally, his weight would have been too much, but for some reason she was perfectly content having him resting on her.


“As soon as I can move, I will,” he uttered against her breast.


Lovingly, Syd threaded her fingers through his hair, which he’d been letting grow a little longer since becoming Commander.  “You’re fine,” she happily sighed.  “I feel sleepy and content.”


Sky chuckled.  “Wonder why,” he gently teased, then touched the tip of her breast with his tongue.


“Stop that,” she giggled and squirmed.


“Syd, you’ve thoroughly used me, I doubt I could manage another go at it so soon,” he yawned.


“Yeah, I can tell,” she teased.


Sky sighed, his voice filled with contentment when he responded, “Not my fault you were coming at the drop of a hat.”  In mock anger, she raked her nails against his scalp and down his back.  He grinned at the move before biting her breast gently.  She squeaked in surprise before squeezing him with her thighs.  “Mean.”


Syd grinned.  “No, mean would be me reaching between us and wrapping my hand around you.”


Pushing up on his elbows, Sky looked down at her with a grin.  “I need another nap, care to join me?”  Yawning, Syd nodded.  Quietly, they shifted around on the bed until they were cuddled together.  Safe in each other’s arms, they drifted off into a peaceful sleep.




Consciousness came back slowly at the feel of soft lips on his shoulder and neck.  He smiled as he slid his hands back, his fingers coming into contact with the warm skin cuddled against his lower back.  “That tickles,” a soft voice breathed against his ear, followed by a warm, wet tongue.


“Payback,” he sighed, feeling her arm slide around him, her hand seeking the rapidly hardening part of his body.


“Careful, bud, you’re in no position to mutter anything about payback.”


Sky groaned as her fingers worked their magic on him, causing him to swell to an almost painful hardness.  “God,” he rasped before quickly flipping over to face her.  “How the hell can I want you so badly when I just had you a few hours ago?”


Her eyes sparkled.  “I just hope you never get tired of wanting me,” she whispered, drizzling her fingers up and down his stomach.  She liked to think her days of playing the shallow, ditzy blonde were behind her but she had to admit one thing – she was a VERY lucky woman to have such a hot ass husband.  Sky Tate was top of the line eye candy with a golden heart and a romantic streak any girl would kill to have in her husband.  It had taken her two and a half years to get him to open up and let her in after they ended up working on the same squad, but she’d succeeded in more ways than she could have ever imagined – six months of dating post Gruumm had led to a ten month engagement before culminating a month and a half ago in their wedding.  What amazed her most was that keep-to-himself Sky had actually thrown himself whole-heartedly into their wedding plans.  Most guys would have avoided helping at all costs, but not Sky.  The only things he hadn’t helped with were her dress and Z, Ally and Kat’s dresses.


“Hey, where’d you disappear to?” Sky’s gently voice caused her to focus on him.


“Down memory lane,” she grinned then yawned.


“Want to try going back to sleep?”


Sydney pouted.  “I’m tired, but I want you,” she whined softly, tracing a line from his chest down his stomach before her fingers curled around his aching erection.  Sky let out a hiss of pleasure at the feel of her cradling him expertly.  Before he could respond, she slid her leg over his hops and guided him to her opening, which was sopping wet already.  “Please?”


His hand stroked over her hip before going to her lower back.  He pulled her close.  Just as her hands moved to his chest, he plunged into her opening, causing her to whimper and angle her hips.  It was a slow, sensual mating of bodies, instead of the fast paced, lust-filled frenzy from earlier.  They kissed slowly, lushly, while their hips rocked back and forth.  In an unspoken agreement, they both knew they wanted to come together.  It didn’t take long before Sydney’s growing tightness became evident.  Sky gulped when her sheath began squeezing him to the point that he was losing the last shreds of his sanity.


Skyyyy!” she cried out softly in his ear.  “Harder, Baby.”


Without a word, he flipped them over and began driving his hips into hers.  Balancing on one forearm, he reached between them, his fingers teasing her flesh apart so he could rub her clit.  The second he touched her, she let out a choked cry, her nails scratching welts down his back.  Leaning down, Sky knew it would only take another firm caress of his fingers against her to have her coming for him.


He felt the burning, tingling sensation start in his spine, signaling his own climax and how close it was.  Bending down, he drew her breast into his mouth at the same time he hammered his erection into her and pressed down against her with his fingers.  The combination of sensations had her throwing her head back in a silent scream, her body locking tight onto his.  Once her climax started, Sky felt his own trigger, his body pulsing deep within hers for several long, satisfying moments before he collapsed against her, panting.


“God Sky,” she puffed out, her chest heaving as she fought to catch her breath.


Sky just smiled against her skin, loving the continuing contractions rocking her lower body, hat were still squeezing the life out of his fading erection.  Even after making love to her as many times as he had, he was amazed at how well their bodies fit together, how quickly they’d learned each other’s responses and signals, and that Sydney almost always finished at nearly the same time he did.  He’d had other girlfriends who’d never even come, let alone come close to finishing with him.


“Hey, Space Cadet,” she giggled, drawing his attention back to her.  “Earth to Sky.”


“Sorry,” he yawned, snuggling against her.  “What?”


“Are you alright?  You looked like you were a million miles away.”


“Just thinking, which is surprising given what just happened,” he smiled.


Sydney smirked.  “Yeah, I know I’m good,” she laughed.


Sky chuckled.  “Listen to you, Mrs. Tate.  Getting a big head?”


“No, that’s your job,” she shot back.  “Not that you need another one, you already have two.”


His eyebrows moved into the familiar gesture of him glaring at her while his smirk softened the look.  “Funny.”


“I thought it was,” she giggled before yawning.  “I’m tired and hungry.”


Smiling, Sky pushed up, kissed her softly, and then crawled out of bed.  “Stay here.  I’m going to go take care of dinner.”


“Oh?” she mumbled, already snuggling into their covers and back into sleep.


Sky said nothing as he slipped on a pair of sweats and headed toward the kitchen.  Grabbing the phone, he dialed a familiar number.  “Yes, this is Commander Tate.  I’d like to place an order.”




The sensation of soft fabric caressing her cheeks, neck, and breasts drew her from sleep.  Lazily, she opened her eyes, only to find a beautiful, pure pink rose in front of her face.  “Pretty,” she sighed happily, reaching for it.


“Not as pretty as you,” he whispered.  “Hungry?”


“Starving,” she yawned.  “Do I smell dinner?”


Sky grinned, nodding as he pulled the covers off her.  “Dinner’s ready when you are.”


“Let me get dressed,” she smiled for him.  Climbing out of bed, she felt her heart fluttered at the blatantly sexual look on his face as he stared at her body.  With an ease she’d only just gained, she crossed the bedroom, naked, and entered their closet.  When she came back out, she was wearing one of his white t-shirts and a pair of navy blue panties.  “Ready.”


“You are trying to kill me, aren’t you?” he asked, pulling her into his arms.




“Coming out in one of my white shirts and a blue thong.”


She smirked at the look on his face.  “I didn’t think, I just grabbed.”


He looked like he wanted to retort.  Instead, he leaned down and kissed her before whispering, “I love seeing you in my color.”


“I thought your color was red?” she teased, wrapping her arms around his waist.


“It was my second color,” he whispered, looking oh-so-serious.  “Being blue brought me a lot of things I value and cherish most.”


Looking up into his face, Syd was shocked by the expression she saw there, the look in his eyes making her chest tighten.  “Like?”


“Peace for my father’s memory, a wonderful extended family I wouldn’t trade for anything, humility, but most of all, you.”


Talk about falling in love all over again.  Giving him a watery smile, she leaned up to kiss his chin.  “You had me before that, you just didn’t realize it until you were blue, or act on it until you were red.”  That said, she pulled out of his arms, sliding one of her hands into his before dragging him downstairs.




“Is it safe to come in?’ Sky called out a few hours later, poking his head into the bathroom.


Sydney didn’t answer, she merely sighed as the warm water worked its magic in unkinking her muscles.  She was in the tub, suds up to her chin, relaxing music playing in the background, and scented candles blazing around her.




“What?” she grumbled at the interruption.


“Can I come in?”




Sky rolled his eyes and pushed the door open.  He was carrying to flutes of what looked like champagne and a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries on a tray.  “I’ve got a surprise for you.”


Aww, thank you Baby,” she sighed, happily taking a flute and snatching a strawberry.  “Yum,” she murmured, sinking her teeth gently into the treat.


The former Blue and Red Ranger groaned, watching her tongue lash the end of the strawberry, his mind making a connection between her technique with the fruit and the one she used on him in bed.  “Damn,” he muttered, closing his eyes and gulping down his champagne.


“You’re bad,” she laughed.  “I haven’t done anything remotely sexual and you’re already hard.”


Sky groaned, wondering exactly how to word his response.  “Honey, you don’t have to do anything abnormal to arouse me; all it takes is you being you.”


The Pink Ranger grinned.  “Hey Sexy,” she grinned as he peeped one eye open.  “Just wait until you see what I bought on my outing with the girls the other day.”


“I’d rather see you in soap suds and nothing else,” he shot back.


“Duly noted, but trust me, you’ll feel like a kid a Christmas.  Now, go turn down the bed while I rinse off and get out.”


Leaning forward, he gave her a quick kiss before heading into their room.




At the sound of the bathroom door opening, Sky turned from the window to see his surprise walk out in a very sheer, barely there teddy in light pink and navy blue.  The material of the bodice barely covered her breasts and the tiny triangle at her hips might as well not have been there for all the skin it covered.  What hit him most was the little satin bows and ties that strategically held it together, along with the color.   He silently acknowledged how good she looked wearing both their colors.  “You like?”


“Hell yeah,” he uttered, moving forward to touch her.  He started with her shoulders, leaning down to gently kiss them before his desire to see her naked got the better of him and he started tugging on the silk ties.  In a matter of seconds, she was standing before him in nothing but the tiny thong that came with the outfit.


Sky dropped to his knees, his hands holding her hips while his lips sought out the soft, fragrant skin of her firm stomach.  He felt her shiver and sigh at the wet kisses he placed on her skin.  He smiled against her when she cradled his cheeks in her hands, her fingers gently caressing his jaws.  “You’re insatiable,” she sighed.


“Are you sore?” he asked, pulling back.  There was worry in his eyes as he stared up at her.


“A little, but I’ll be okay,” she tried to reassure him.


“We don’t have to make love, Sweetheart,” he started, kissing her stomach.  “We can just get naked and cuddled.”


Syd bit her lip in a gesture that had Sky groaning.  “Are you sure?” she asked, watching him smile.


“Positive, Syd.  Come on, step out of your panties for me,” he breathed, sliding the thong down her hips and legs before he stood up and pulled her into his arms.  They were silent as they slid Sky’s sweats down, leaving him as naked as she was.  Moving slowly, they climbed into bed and curled together, drifting off to sleep relatively fast.  Sky’s last conscious thought was that she looked absolutely gorgeous in his color.