Last Revised: April 9, 2005
Finished: April 9. 2005
Summary: Kira sings a song that gets Tommy thinking, and then the appearance of an old friend shakes things up even more.
Ships: C/K, T/K, references to the past
Disclaimer: I don’t own PR, or Incomplete (by BSB). Please don’t sue me!

Empty...spaces...fill me up with holes
Distant...faces...with no place left to go
Without you...within me...I can't find no rest
Where I' anybody's guess

“Ladies and gentlemen, Kira Ford!” Hayley announced as the brown haired former Yellow Ranger took a seat at the piano. The Cyber Café was packed to the max with teenagers and young adults. Conner, Ethan and Tommy sat at a table near the front. Devon and Cassidy were at a table farther back, smiling at Kira. Trent was manning the bar, alongside Hayley, while his dad and Elsa sat talking to them quietly. And in the very back, near the entrance, Kira saw the woman who was a part of the pair she’d written this song for.

“Hey guys,” she spoke into the microphone, smiling when the crowd cheered for her. Her eyes were trained on the woman wearing a black tank top dress and pink sweater, whose eyes were on the back of Tommy’s head before they moved to lock with Kira’s own. “This is my first time doing this song on the piano, just to warn you. It was written for two of my mentors. I dedicated this to Dr. Oliver and my new friend, K.H. May the two of you no longer be incomplete.”

Conner, Trent, Ethan, Hayley and Anton looked surprised by Kira’s choice of words, as did Tommy, who had no clue what or who Kira was talking about. Kira began playing a haunting melody, which got everyone in the room to quiet down. “Empty…spaces…fill me up with holes. Distant...faces...with no place left to go. Without you...within me...I can't find no rest. Where I' anybody's guess…”

The rest of the band came in as Kira started the chorus, the words hitting the former Ranger team and their associates like a ton of bricks. It affected no one more than Tommy though, as he closed his eyes and tried to block out the memories the song brought to him. “I've go on like I never knew you… I'm awake...but my world is half asleep…I pray...for this heart to be unbroken…but without you all I'm going to be!”

Tommy felt his stomach knot up on him, as the old feelings of thinking of HER made him sick with regret. He realized, for the millionth time thanks to Jason, just how easily he’d let her go all those years ago. He hadn’t fought for her, he’d simply folded in on himself and let her go, too coward to deal with the pain of her leaving him. Kira had captured, just from listening to the song so far, his feelings for the love of his life.

As Kira transitioned into the second verse, she saw out of the corner of her eye, the woman in black and pink approaching the stage. “Voices...tell me...I should carry on…But I an ocean all alone…Baby, my baby…It's written on your face…You still...wonder...if we made a big mistake!”

The woman now stood directly behind Tommy, her arms crossing her chest as she listened to the song Kira had written, with her help, for her and Tommy. She hadn’t realized, until just now, how much this song reminded her of her feelings for the former Ranger Leader. All those years ago, she’d been stupid to let him go, thinking that she couldn’t live up to the image of another. She’d told him she’d found someone else, and told him to move on, but in reality, she had never and would never let him go – he was the other half of her soul, the one she belonged to. She closed her eyes, trying to force back the tears that welled there, but it was for naught. As Kira hit the second chorus, they streaked down her cheeks, marring her perfect complexion.

I've go on like I never knew you
I'm awake...but my world is half asleep
I pray...for this heart to be unbroken
But without you all I'm going to be is...incomplete

“I've go on like I never knew you…I'm awake...but my world is half asleep…I pray...for this heart to be unbroken…But without you all I'm going to be is...incomplete…”

Kira looked up and nodded for her friend to join her on stage. The woman in black and pink stepped up on the stage to the amazement of the crowd. Quickly, she picked up the extra microphone and sang the bridge with Kira, and then Kira let her do the final chorus as the teenager played the music. “I don't mean to drag it on…But I can't seem to let you go…I don't wanna make you face this world alone...I wanna let you go (alone)…”

Conner and Ethan looked at the woman on the stage with Kira in shock. They had recognized her, despite the fact that in Dr. O’s video she’d been so much younger; she still looked the same – petite, agile, graceful and fearless. Both boys swung their gazes to Tommy, watching as their teacher sat staring at the woman on the stage, his eyes full of unshed tears.

“I've go on like I never knew you…I'm awake...but my world is half asleep…I pray...for this heart to be unbroken…But without you all I'm going to be is...incomplete. ...Incomplete...”

As the last chords of the song played, Kira smiled at her singing partner. She’d been hoping that the woman would come onto stage with her, and her wish had been fulfilled. The two former Rangers took a bow, and then headed off the stage for the table where Tommy, Ethan and Conner sat. “Kira, I don’t really think I should go with you. Besides, I need to get back to the hotel and pack. Aisha and I are leaving early tomorrow.”

“But you haven’t talked to Dr. O yet!” Kira hissed, pointing out the other reason than visiting Kira that the two former Ranger women had come to Reefside for on their way to Angel Grove.

“I know, but Kira, look at him. I’ve hurt him just by being here. Honey, you have my email address and my and Sha’s apartment address. Write me, ok, and maybe you can bring the boys up in a few weeks when we’re settled in so Sha and I can meet them. OK?” Kira could only nod. She had seen what the woman before her was referring to – Tommy Oliver was slumped in his chair in disbelief and hurt, tears running down his cheeks.

Voices...tell me...I should carry on
But I an ocean all alone
Baby, my baby
It's written on your face
You still...wonder...if we made a big mistake

The pair hugged as the older woman moved passed the table and out the door to catch a cab. “Kira, was that who I thought that was?” Ethan asked when the former Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger sat down in Conner’s lap, her eyes on Tommy’s face. Kira merely nodded, not wanting to speak.

“Dr. O?”

“Kira, what was she doing here?”

Kira swallowed. “I got Jason’s email address from your computer, and he hooked me up with the other girls. I needed some advice, particularly since I was the only female of a group of five, and I certainly couldn’t talk to Hayley about what I was going through. She’s helped me a lot, especially with adjusting to loosing our ‘gifts’. She and Aisha came to town to visit me, and I got the whole story from her, about what happened between you two. She even helped me write that song.” Kira leaned back against Conner, seeking his warmth and comfort. Tommy looked angry, betrayed but most of all heartbroken.

“Where’s she staying, Kira?”

“The Reefside Inn, room 216. She and Aisha are leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow to return to Angel Grove. They’re moving her stuff from the compound to her and Aisha’s new apartment.”

Tommy stood up and left without saying a word. “Well damn, who’d have thought you’d have inherited more than the Pterodactyl powers from the first Pink Ranger?” Ethan quipped softly, causing Conner and Kira to roll their eyes, the three knowing he’d referred to the original Pink Ranger’s singing voice.

I've go on like I never knew you
I'm awake...but my world is half asleep
I pray...for this heart to be unbroken
But without you all I'm going to be is...incomplete

She flipped her cell phone out and called Aisha immediately. “Hello?”

“Sha, it’s me. I’m gonna stop by the beach for a few minutes before I come back, I need a few minutes to myself.”

Aisha sighed on the other end. “Girl, moping isn’t going to do you any good. Did you at least talk to him?”

“Uh…no. I ended up singing the last part of the song with Kira, and then I walked out. I couldn’t stand the look on his face Sha.”

The former Yellow Ranger of the Morphin team could understand her friend’s line of reasoning. “Alright, just be careful and call me and let me know which beach you’re at in case there’s trouble.”

“You got it.”


Aisha was putting the last few items into her suitcase when there was a sudden banging on the hotel room door. Frowning, she moved to the peep hole and then heard the booming voice. “AISHA KAREN CAMPBELL!”

‘Uh oh, it’s Oh fearless one’ Aisha thought as she unbolted the lock and found herself standing face to face with Tommy Oliver. “Hi. I know you’re looking for her, but she isn’t here.”

“Where is she, Aisha?” Tommy demanded.

“She’s at the beach, thinking. She does that an awful lot now, ever since she lost her powers,” Aisha mumbled, stepping back and allowing Tommy to enter the room. Aisha watched the angry look on Tommy’s face crumble, making him look like someone who’d just been slapped, before she turned from him to finish packing. “She called ten minutes ago, let me know which beach, but I’m not going to tell you if all you’re going to go and do is hurt her. She’s been hurt enough, far more than you could imagine.”

Tommy looked hurt by Aisha’s accusation. “Aisha, when have I ever hurt her?”

The former White Ranger watched as the fierce woman who was his spirit sister whirled around, murder in her eyes. “HOW ABOUT NEVER CALLING HER AFTER YOU GOT THAT STUPID LETTER?” Aisha screamed at him, finally having had enough of everyone simply blaming her best friend for the couple’s breakup.

Aisha watched Tommy take a few steps back, the grief and hurt in his eyes almost too much for her to deal with. “Trini, Jason, Zack and I were the only ones who knew what happened, and we all prayed you’d say or do something, just to make sure what she wrote wasn’t true, but you never did, did you? You let her successor take her place in every aspect of your life. Well guess what, I hope you’re happy!”


“She loved you, but have you ever stopped to wonder how she was feeling when we all but shoved her on the plane? She felt like we didn’t want her anymore, and what’s worse, we made her hurt even more when all we ever talked about was how well she was being replaced by the very person who nearly killed her!” Aisha all but screamed at him. “She heard how close the two of you were, how well all of us were getting along together without her, and did any of us ever stop to think how that made her feel? I know I didn’t until it was almost too late, and the one person who should have asked those questions first never did.”

Turning away from him, Aisha took a few deep breaths. “Don’t be mad at Kira, all she wanted was some help. It’s not easy being the only girl surrounded by a bunch of guys, and who better to help her through losing her powers then the one person who’d been stripped of everything she was but our Crane.” When Aisha finally did turn to look at him again, she saw the regret in his eyes, along with something she hadn’t seen in forever – he was still in love with her best friend.

“Sha…” he all but whimpered. It hurt Aisha more than she could say to see the fearless and mighty Falcon looking for all the world like a lost little boy.

“She’s at Haden’s Cove, down by the water. You’d better catch her before she comes back here.”

Tommy nodded and took off out the door like a rocket. ‘Please, God, if you can hear me, help them’ she prayed silently before sitting on the bed and clutching a pillow to her chest.

I don't mean to drag it on,
But I can't seem to let you go
I don't wanna make you face this world alone...
I wanna let you go (alone)

He saw her figure as he parked his jeep in the parking lot of Haden’s Cove. She stood by the water, her dress billowing and whipping around her as the wind played with the inky black material. She had her arms folded around her, trying to ward off the chill of the air.

When he was nearly to her, he watched her body stiffen before she turned slowly to face him. “Hello, Dr. Oliver."

Tommy felt his heart crack at the tone of her voice – she sounded so lifeless. “Beautiful.”

“I don’t go by that name anymore,” she told him sternly, hardening herself for the inevitable battle that was about to begin, as she turned from him, eyes closing.

“That’s sad to hear, considering that’s how I’ll always know you,” he told her, stepping forward until he was within arms reach of her. “You’ll always be my Beautiful.” She bit her lip, hoping to force back the tears. He had no right to call her that anymore, she thought angrily, what’s more, she had no right to be called that anymore. She was the one who’d given him up, had let the loneliness and longing get the better of her. “There was never another man, was there Beautiful?”

“No, there wasn’t. There was only a seventeen year old girl, lost and confused, lonely and wandering around without the things that made her complete. There was only half a soul and half a heart when there should have been whole ones,” she hissed at him, swallowing her tears. Yet, she still didn’t face him. “But then again, I stopped being whole the day you walked into my life because I knew then that I hadn’t ever truly been whole - you’ve always been my other half.”

“Beautiful, I know what it’s like to be complete, and I know what it’s like to be incomplete,” Tommy told her, taking the last couple of steps forward so he could touch her. His first move was to run his finger tips up and down the back of her biceps. “I’m sick and tired of being incomplete. Without you, I’m only half, and it’s taken me this long to come to grips with that.”

When she didn’t respond, he continued. “I’m sorry I let you down. It’s the one thing I promised myself the moment I met you that I wouldn’t do. What’s more, I’m sorry I let her take your place, but you have to know, you never left my heart, it has always been and always will be yours.”

“Tommy, I’m not the same girl you fell in love with as a teenager, I’ve changed. The experiences I’ve had the last eight years have turned me into the woman before you, a woman you don’t know.”

Tommy smiled. “I know that. I also know that I’ve changed from the boy you fell in love with, changed into the man I am today. But you know what else I know?” he asked her, carefully turning her to face him. He grasped her chin softly and tilted it up so that he could look into the eyes that haunted him every night. “I still love you, and I know you still love me. You can’t hide that, or deny it, because it’s shining in your eyes, just like it always has.”

“I don’t know what to do,” she whispered. “I’m tired of hurting, of hoping, I’m tired of being alone.”

“You’re not alone, Beautiful, I’ve always been with you, even when you couldn’t see or touch me. Just like you’ve always been with me. Look, I know we can’t just jump back into what we had, but we can make something new, something more solid and lasting, that is, if you’re willing to try.”

She looked up at him, tears streaking down her face, and yet, the smile he loved so much was plastered across her lips. “I think I’d like that.”

Tommy smiled down at her, feeling the emptiness inside himself start to disappear. “Beautiful, my beautiful Kimberly, I love you,” he whispered to her, right before he kissed her softly.

“Tommy, I love you too,” she murmured, snuggling into his arms.

I've go on like I never knew you

I'm awake...but my world is half asleep

I pray...for this heart to be unbroken

But without you all I'm going to be is...incomplete