Hidden Passions
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Beta Read by: Shawn30
Last Revised: September 26, 2008

Summary: A heated argument rouses passions between SPD’s Commanding Officer and it’s B Squad Pink Ranger.
Rated: MA
Ship: SS
Disclaimer: Don’t own em, wish I did…then they’d still be on tv.

Author’s Notes: THANK YOU TO SHAWN!  Without my favorite big brother, this would not have turned out half as well as it did.  He kicked butt on editing!  This story was spawned by a sleepless night in which I was lying in bed thinking of weird things….don’t ask!

Dedication: To Shawn, Angela, Megan, Rapunzl, and the entire crew at Perfect Chemistry!


"Love is the passion that we feel inside of our hearts that we can't hide. We pretend to hide it, but it burns us more and more until the pain grows and grows and it never ends."
-- Unknown

"She loves him more than he'll ever know. He loves her more then he'll ever show."
-- Unknown

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you was beyond my control!"
-- Unknown


Yawning, she settled her back against his chest; his arms warm around her slender waist.  It amazed her how she'd ended up in his bed naked and sated in his arms. The gentle heat of his breath fanned softly over the back of her neck.  Lying peacefully in the dark, she slowly began to remember the events that led her here.


The day had started out a pretty normal one.  Bridge had C-Squad in the simulator most of the morning while Z was working on a new case with Boom and Kat in the lab.  That had left her to run D-Squad through their paces in the obstacle course.  Once they'd finished, she'd let them loose for the afternoon before she'd headed for Sky's office, intent on talking to him about their training schedule and the on-going problem with several of them.

Ever busy with his duty, he was on the phone when she arrived.  Smiling, she sank down into the plush beige chair across from him.  While he was talking to whoever was on the other end, she took the time to thoughtfully consider the pictures he'd finally put up on his desk.  There was one from her birthday their rookie year as Rangers that had all five of them mugging for the camera in it.  There was another one of her and Bridge goofing off, and one of Jack and Z at the Yellow Ranger's 18th birthday party.  Across from those were two pictures in a connected oak frame – one of him and his dad, and one of him and his mom.  The one that did eventually catch her eye though was the one of him and her from the Officer's Ball a few months before.  She couldn't help smiling at it, knowing the same picture was on her nightstand beside her bed.  He hadn't wanted to attend, but Anubis had insisted since it was the last one Sky would attend as a Ranger.  She remembered him grumbling about not wanting to ask any of the younger girls, so she'd opened her mouth and suggested he take her. 

They couldn't dance around each other forever. Baby steps and all...
"Sorry, on the phone with some worried parents," he explained as he hung up, turning that cute Sky-smile on her.

Syd grinned back.  It still gave her a jolt to see him seated behind a desk instead of walking the halls.  He'd been by her side for so long, it was strange to no longer have him being a Ranger, but instead Commander of the entire Delta Base.  She was proud of him though.  "It's cool, our conversation may take a while as it is."

Sky straightened, sensing there was a confrontation brewing. The Pink Ranger was good at starting arguments, let alone screaming matches, when she wanted to.  "Oh?"

"Yeah, has to do with D-Squad.  Their sleeping arrangements and training schedules," she started, her face losing all amusement.

 It had been an issue between them for weeks now.  There were two groups of six on D-Squad vying to become Power Rangers.  The boys were doing just fine, but the six girls were a different story.  Four of them had ganged up on the other two and were making not only training unbearable, but off-duty time as well.

 "Syd, they're going to have to learn to get along," Sky issued the same comment to her complaints that he'd been giving her for weeks.

 "I understand that!" she growled back, making him arch an eyebrow at her.  "But when you're afraid to sleep in your own bed, that's where I draw the line!"

 "Oh please."

 "Schuyler Tate!  Don't brush this off!" she roared, her rising voice causing his eyes to widen.  "It's affecting their training!  And besides that, Doggie never would have ignored this!"

 Sky looked as if he'd been slapped.  Syd had been all for his ascension to Commander and now she was throwing it in his face.  "Not a smart way to get what you want, Office Drew."

Syd narrowed her own gaze at him and stood, leaning her hands on his desk.  "You of all people understand how important it is to get along with your roommates and a good night's sleep.  I have two cadets who are being ostracized and threatened.  If you won't do something about it, I will. And I'll involve Bridge, Z, Boom, Kat AND Supreme Command Cruger," she hissed.

Angrily, Sky pushed out of his chair and stalked around his desk to stand in front of her.  Syd turned to face him, arms crossed over her chest as she glared at him.  "Syd…"

"Oh come off it Sky!" she argued with venom lacing her voice.  "When you were Red, and even Blue, you'd have chewed their asses out by now.  I'm sick of getting up in the morning and finding two of my cadets in the common room because they're afraid to sleep in their rooms."  She invaded his personal space as they glared at each other defiantly.  Despite Sky's promotion to Commander, Syd was still the only person who could talk to him like he was a normal human being. "Fix this this!"

"Make me!"

Tempers flared white-hot so high, their emotions racing out of control until neither knew who moved first, only that they were suddenly kissing each other hungrily. Their argument was violently washed away by the lustful craving they've denied themselves for far to long.  But no more. 

Syd's small hands were clutching his arms while Sky's fingers were busily burrowing into her gorgeous blond hair.  His grip tightened when she let out a breathy moan, quivering against him. Angling their heads, Sky deepened the kiss.

In all the years of their friendship, they'd never been openly attracted to each other.  Yes, they had noticed they were attractive, but Sky had always seemed untouchable and grouchy, and Syd had been the whiny, spoiled Daddy's Princess.  There time as Rangers had obviously changed their perspectives of each other, but they apparently hadn't realized how much so till just now.

"Syd…" he gasped, moving to wrap his arms around her while he buried his face in the side of her soft, warm neck.  Her slim, toned arms went around his neck, holding on tightly while her world spun out of control.

 "What just happened?" she squeaked, wondering how their argument had twisted so suddenly into to a passionate kiss.

Sky didn't answer her; he just continued to hold her close.  His own breathing calmed slightly, each intake of air was accompanied by Syd's floral scented perfume.  He was a former Red Ranger, and now Commander of Earth's SPD Academy.  His control was legendary.  So how the hell had he lost it so fast when she started screaming at him?

 "Sky?" she softly called his name, her hands sliding from around his neck to rest over his chest as she pulled back.

"Wow…well, that's a first." he leaned back to gaze down into her bright blue eyes.  Her soft lips appeared plump from their heady kissing, her eyes were glazed over with passion. When in the hell had his appreciation for her beauty exploded into full blown attraction?

"Sky... Did we just…?"

 "Kiss?  Hell yes.  And I'm fighting the urge to do it again."

The way his eyes darkened erotically with that little comment swept a tingling, burning sensation low in her belly.  "You want to do it again?"  The aching expression in his eyes answered her question better than any words could have.  Without so much as another comment, her fingers tightened on the fabric of his shirt before she yanked him down.

Their mouths fused together, their teeth clinking as they tormented each other with one ravenous kiss after another.  Sky drew her closer, his need evident in the hardness that rumbled against her stomach.  Syd's arms moved of their own accord, twining around Sky's neck.  Blindly, he guided her back and lifted her onto the edge of his desk.  Throwing caution to the wind, his arm swatted across the surface, sending papers and pictures flying as he cleared it off.

When they came back together, their kisses slowed, drawing out the pleasure sensuously.  Without thinking, Sky hoisted her father onto his desk, letting her wrap her legs around his waist.  Mindlessly, Syd unzipped his jacket, ripping it off in record time before tossing it on the floor.  His shirt followed, giving her unrestricted access to his muscled chest, which her questing fingers explored with no hesitancy at all.

Sky's lips blazed a moist, hot trail of deeply probing kisses from her mouth to the side of her neck.  He loved the way her breathing hitched and her pulse hammered under his caress.  Grinning, Sky began sucking on her skin while his fingers found the zipper to her uniform, easing it down.  Quickly he pushed the top down, trapping her arms at her sides.  Syd made a helpless noise when he nudged her back to lie on his
desk.  Before he could rethink the move or Syd could stop him, Sky leaned over and closed his mouth around one black lace-covered breast.

 "S-s-SKY!" she choked out, her back arching off the desk when his tongue began twirling over the peak. He grinned while devouring her nipple with teeth and tongue. The sounds she made were driving him mad with desire, though he concentrated on her pleasure. Satisfied, he pulled back, still looming over her, and adored her lovely form. Soft breaths shuddered out of her.  Sheer, unrelenting need roared up inside of him to the point he was helpless to fight it.  Reaching up, Sky yanked her bra down so that it was just under her breasts, banding her ribs, pushing the lovely, cream-colored globes closer together for his viewing pleasure.  Leaning down, he wrapped his lips around one stiff, coral-colored peak.  He pleasured her with his tongue, slowly tracing the gentle slop of her breast, bathing it in wetness before scraping his teeth
across it.  Whispery moans escaped Sydney's lips in sensual appreciation.

"Sky!  Please!" she begged softly, fighting against her uniform which still had her arms pinned. The amazing man she'd grown to love half peeled off her uniform while never taking his eyes off her for even a heartbeat.

Her hands flew to his head the second she was free, fingers twining between the short strands of his hair.  She tugged his head down to her chest, urging him to feast.  Closing her eyes, Sydney moaned deeply when his mouth circled a hard peak, suckling her until her toes curled. Her legs viced around his hips, drawing him closer. After a tasting the other nipple until she began whining softly, his lips trailed upwards, now nibbling on her collar bone and neck.  "Sydney…" he breathed against her ear.

 "Hmm?" Her hands lifted to his shoulders.

"I need you," he gasped, his hips snapping against hers.

Something inside of Syd trembled at the sound of his plea.  She wanted nothing more than to give in; a first for her perhaps, since she'd never given in to sexual tension like this right off the bat.  But the sensible part of her, which still had a tiny bit of control left, had to be sure he wasn't going to regret this later.  "Sky?" her voice trembled while his kisses slinked his way down her body.

He groaned at the interruption. "What?"

"Are you sure about this?" Her bottom lip caught between her teeth, worrying it gently. Sky stared at her, his eyes clouded with passionate need.

He didn't utter a single word, choosing instead to lean into her, his hands cupping her cheeks.  His lips caressed hers firmly, but she knew he was still holding back. Sky's body was thrumming with suppressed hunger.  Throwing caution to the wind, Syd dug her fingers into his hips and gave back what he was dishing out full force.

Sky suddenly ripped his mouth from hers, chest heaving.  Sydney was about to protest when he laid a finger on her lips.  "Hold that thought."  He disentangled himself from her and strode to his door.  Quietly, he keyed in his command, locking the door so no one could come in before punching the call button to the Command Center.

"This is Kat, go ahead Commander."

"Dr. Manx, Office Drew and I are taking the rest of the day off.  Unless it's an emergency, neither of us is to be called, understood?"

"Of course.  Is everything alright Sky?"

"Every thing's perfect.  Tate out."  Turning, Sky took in Sydney's small, seductive form.  She stood before his desk, uniform pooled at her waist, her arms over her chest.  The expression she wore was a mix of hesitation and lust.  Striding back to her, Sky leaned down and kissed her softly, hands grasping her slender hips.

Syd brushed her fingers up his arms before trailing them down his chest and abs.  She smiled into their kiss when he stomach muscles clenched at her caress.  Again, Sky boosted her up onto his desk.  Nudging her back, he finished pulling her zipper to the waist and began tugging the rest of her uniform off her body.  He grinned at the tiny triangle of black lace that were the sexiest panties he'd ever seen.  "Very nice," he almost growled.  Bending forward, his lips connected with the quivering muscles of her toned, flat belly.  She gasped loudly when his tongue darted into her belly button.

"Sky!" she squealed before dissolving into laughter as his fingers attacked her sides, which were ticklish.

"You forget, I'm your best friend, I know where you're ticklish at," he chuckled against her stomach.  It was then that the scent of her arousal caught his senses like striking a match. He was on fire that very second.  Interest piqued, he slid his fingers under the thin straps of her panties and pulled.  His eyes zeroed in on the tender part of her he'd never seen before.

With her underwear gone, Sky traced her trembling thighs with his strong hands.  Finally, she opened for him like a flower blossoming.  When his fingers slowly swept across her weeping center, her entire body bucked toward him.  He brushed more firmly against her warm core with his thumbs, unable to conceal the wicked smile that erupted on his face when he felt how wet she was for him.  "Syd..." 

"Sky...OhmyGod..." The very second his agile tongue stroked over her in one long, bold lick, she let out a strangled cry of surprise and approval.  Smiling against her, Sky eagerly spread her thighs further apart before he dove straight in with lips and tongue, devouring her.  Sydney strained out a whispery cry as he wickedly darted his tongue around and inside her, driving her to such wild madness her hips lifted to feed his
addiction.  Despite his attempts to hold her down, her thighs clenched tight around his head, trapping him against her.  The softest, most sensually wet noises Sky made with his mouth caused her nipples to tighten even more than before.  The grip her fingers had on his scalp stiffened while her breasts bounced and bobbed each time she arched her back off the desk, thrusting herself against his lashing tongue.

Observing her through his eyelashes was an education in unrestrained passion.  All of the women he'd dated and subsequently had sex with had nothing on Sydney.  The beautiful Pink Ranger was completely uninhibited in showing her enjoyment of his actions.  Most women he'd slept with had been a lot like himself outside of the bedroom – a stick in the mud – and even worse in bed, they'd gone through the motions and had showed little to no enthusiasm. 

"Close... so close..." His frisky tongue dove inside her until shudders wracked her entire body. When he began nibbling her swollen clit the subsequent tremors flooding her nervous system signaled how close to the blissful edge of oblivion she was.

Pulling back, he quickly inserted a single finger into her, the sudden intrusion caused her to groan deep in the back of her throat.  A second followed the first as he furiously pumped them in and out of her.  Her eyes squeezed tightly shut, Sydney's sweet cries grew in pitch and intensity as he fucked her relentlessly.  "You taste so good Syd," he was barely able to say before he leaned down to brush his lips over the insides of her thighs, never once letting up on the motion of his fingers.

 "Sky!" she cried, her voice a mix of longing and frustration.  "Please!"

Chuckling, Sky bent his head to her moist heat, his hot breath blowing across her fevered skin.  "Let go for me, Syd," he breathed seconds before he drew her clit into his mouth and suckled it, strumming it with his tongue, while his fingers continued to plunge into her.

 Syd shamelessly threw her head back, shoulders arching off the desk, and screamed as her body flew apart in the most intense climax she'd ever felt before. Her body was undone, soaring, straining, reaching for the stars themselves.  Sky continued to gently caress her clit, his fingers easing her body from on high. She sighed, and then gently collapsed against the hard wood, her mind blank and her body pleasantly sated.  "Are you alright?" he teased, drawing his fingers from her body before he stood to lean over her.

 "Ask me that when my body stops shaking," she laughed softly, humming in her throat as she settled down.  Sky chuckled at her even as his own body strained.  Syd groaned when she felt the feather light touch of his kisses from her stomach to her breasts.  "Sky?"

Yes?" he lazily asked, looking into her beloved face.

Her bright blue eyes were open and staring right at him.  "I want you inside of me," she stated boldly, reaching between them to caress the erect bulge in his pants.  "Now!" she growled.

Nodding, Sky reached down for his zipped, quickly shoving it down before letting his pants drop to his ankles.  By then, Syd's fingers were at the waistband of his boxers, ripping them off as far as she could before he kicked them off the rest of the way.  He groaned when her cool, soft hands took hold of his hot flesh.  "Now Sky," Syd ordered through clenched teeth, letting him go.

Without further prompting, Sky took hold of her hips and thrust deeply inside. His heated surge tore a deep moan from Syd's throat, the acute sense of fullness overwhelming her.  The feel of her tight, quivering body encased him with the most raw pleasure he had ever felt before. The only problem by then was that Syd's needy whimpers and his own desire to cum inside of her prompted him to pull back and then thrust forward again.

Syd's sinfully delicious cries of ecstasy had him snapping his hips against hers harder and faster, straining into her with body. He leaned over her, pulling her knees up, creating the leverage to take her the way he'd fantasized about for years. She clung to him fully, kissing him hard, loving the way he made love to her so good. His mind barely registered her fingers digging into his shoulders as the pleasure built to a
crescendo. Her legs suddenly closed around his waist, her ankles crossing over the small of his back, drawing him into her deeply.  He reared back, pounding her body to his so they were chest to chest, fucking her furiously.

 "SKY!" Syd shrieked suddenly, her body viciously tightening around him as her climax hit her full force. Roaring waves of pleasure caused her head to snap back, her teeth clenching, eyes shut, rocking her hips into his through it all.

Unable to hold out any longer, Sky released out a strangled response, his cock twitching in powerful hot bursts deep inside of her.  They were both panting when they collapsed against his desk.  "Fuck," he quietly muttered over her neck, his body softening inside of her even as her lower body was still rocked by tiny aftermath tremors of her climax.  Syd said nothing, her face nuzzled into his neck, thoroughly enjoying the lingering pleasure.


She couldn't help but grin.  They'd laid there on his desk, intimately connected, for how long she couldn't recall. A gentle moment later they were separated... the two of them had both been shaky and astonished; not because they were inexperienced, but because they never thought they'd have sex with each other.  They were best friends after all.  Not a word was said as they'd dressed, but in an unspoken agreement Syd had accompanied him to his room, where passion and pleasure had taken hold again and they'd made love for the longest, most pleasurable time. Discovering exciting new sides to each other in the process of loving one another had been a fulfilling experience.  And now, in the after glow they were spooned together in his bed.

 The warm softness of his lips alerted her to him wakening seconds before one large, warm palm cupped her breast.  "You awake?" his sleepy voice rumbled in her ear.

"Mmhmm," she sighed, arching her neck to give his mouth better access to the column.

 "How can I want you again when I've had you so many times tonight already?" he growled.

Syd just sighed happily, whimpering when he nudged her leg forward and plunged into her from behind.  "Sky…" she panted, his name dying on her lips when he pinched her nipple.  He grinned against the back of her neck as he rolled the tip between his fingers.

 "Stay the night with me?" he asked, the sounds of their flesh snapping together accompanying his request.

 "Yesssss…." she hissed.


Z raised a curious eyebrow the next morning when Syd emerged for breakfast, practically glowing.  The Yellow Ranger laughed and then announced her suspicions.  "Someone got laid!" she teased.

 The Red Ranger looked up, startled, while Syd grinned at her teammates.  "It shows?" she asked, watching Bridge frown and Z crack up.

 "You're freaking glowing Pinkie!" Z pointed out.

"B and D Squads to the Command Center!" Kat's voice ordered over the p.a.  The trio rushed out of the common room, all the while wondering what the hell was going on.


 The twelve D-Squad members were lined up when B-Squad came in.  Z and Bridge were startled when Syd and Sky stared at each other in a loving way they never had before.  The Yellow and Red Rangers shot each other a look that said there was something going on there and they were going to find out when the meeting was over.
"Something’s up," Z muttered.  Bridge just nodded, his eyes darting back and forth between his two best friends.

 "It's come to my attention that there are a few personnel problems on D-Squad.  I'm not going to tell you who told me, nor am I directing this at anyone in particular.  What I'm going to tell you is that if Officers Drew, Carson or Delgado hear about these problems again, they're authorized to haul your butt up here for a conference with me," Sky threatened, making four of the girls wince.  "No one should be so uncomfortable due to fellow squad members that they can't sleep in their own rooms.  If it happens again I'm going to discharge you from SPD so fast your head's going to spin.  Am I understood?" he demanded.

 "Yes Sir!" D-Squad responded.

 "Good, D-Squad dismissed."

 When the twelve were gone, the Rangers turned their attention to Sky.  "What brought that on?" Bridge wanted to know.

 "Syd brought it to my attention," Sky explained, reaching out to run his hand down her back in a caress that spoke more than a boss or friend.  It was a lover's touch.  He let out a startled gasp when Syd suddenly launched herself into his arms.

"Thank you for listening to me," she gushed, nuzzling her face into his neck.

Sky grinned and held her close.  "Anytime," he murmured, kissing her cheek.

"Okay, what the hell's going on?" Z demanded.  She and Bridge stared at Syd and Sky before the answer finally dawned.  "Why couldn't you have sexed him up when he was Red Ranger?"  Z moaned in annoyance.  "Hell, how about when he was Blue?  It would have made life a hell of a lot easier for the rest of us!"

 Syd's eyes widened and she let out a nervous laugh while Sky's face went scarlet and he glared.  Bridge was covering his laughter with his hand.  "Funny, Z, very funny!"