Hard Adjustments

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: August 6, 2010


Summary: After a particularly harsh encounter with Scott, Gemma and Flynn have a talk about how hard adjustments seem to be

Ship: minor FG

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Don’t own them, wish I did.  We’d have gotten all our happy endings


Dedication: To Enigmaforum, the world’s biggest Flynn/Gemma fan!  LOVE YA SIS!




Watching her sitting dejectedly on the swing set broke his hear.  She was leaning to the right, against the chain, and her head was bowed.  Every so often, she’d move a piece of dirt or kick a rock with the toe of her shoe.  She and Gem had endured one of Scott’s more vicious talking-to’s since joining the team.  It had all started because they’d rashly tried to take on Tenaya and one her bots on their own.  All they’d succeeded in doing was causing massive damages to the Mach Megazord and the city shields.  To say Scott had been livid was an understatement.  He’d screamed at them, trying to drill into their heads that they needed to straighten up, and had been right in being angry with them, but seeing her sad killed his heart.  Quietly, so as not to startle her, he moved to stand behind her.  Reaching out, he grasped the chains, pulled back and began to gently swing her.


She let out a startled gasp and looked over her shoulder.  He just smiled at her and continued to push her.  They stayed like that – Gemma pumping her legs while Flynn pushed from behind.  When she was going high enough, he stopped pushing and sat down on the other swing, timing his start so that they were in sync going forward and backward.  They moved their legs together to go faster and faster, higher and higher.  Finally, they stopped swinging and let their bodies slow.  Flynn watched her sigh and look back down at the ground.  “You alright lass?”


Gemma shrugged, nudging a rock with her toe again.  She was still upset and really didn’t feel like talking about it.  She knew Scott had been right to yell, to accuse, to reprimand, but she and Gem were so use to being on their own and blowing things up was their way to chase away fear.  Whenever they’d been afraid in the Wastes, they’d gone seeking Venjix and had blow up as many of his forces as they could.  It was hard adjusting to being part of a much larger team and having rules to follow.


“I guess so,” she mumbled.


“Scott wasn’t tryin to hurt yer feelins, he’s just tryin to get a point across.”


She smiled a tiny smile in his direction.  “I understand, Flynn, and in his position, I probably would have done the same.  That’s not what’s got me down.”


He nodded.  “Want to talk bout it?”






She looked at him and knew her thoughts and feelings would be safe with him, she had only to let him cradle them in his hands.  “It’s hard,” she started, shrugging her shoulders.


“What is lass?”


She looked over at him and sighed.  “It’s so hard, trying to fit in and remember its not just Gem and I anymore.  We’ve been a two person team for so long.”


The Blue Ranger nodded.  “I can understand that.  I felt the same when Dillon-an-Ziggy joined us.  Scott, Summer, and I were a team for so long and suddenly there’s new dynamics.”


Gemma cocked her head to the side and studied him.  “I can see that.’


“Just because you’re part of a larger unit now doesn’t make you-an-Gem’s team any less.  It’s an adjustment, but one you can make.  And the rest of us will help as much as we can.  We’re here for you, and we always will be.”


A genuine smile crossed Gemma’s face.  “Thank you.”


Yer welcome, lass.  Any time you need an ear, I’ve got two perfectly good ones for ya.”


Gemma nodded enthusiastically and smiled brightly.  “Same goes.”


“Thank ya.”