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Setting: AU Zeo - a week after the letter

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You are every part of me
And with every breath I take
Your love will light my way


Valentine's Day. Tomorrow is not only THE holiday for those in love, but it's HER birthday. Last year I made it an event to remember - a half dozen pink roses in her locker, a special note in each class to let her know I was thinking of her, another half dozen roses, the color of purest white, on the dresser in her room, and another dozen of the deepest red I could find to present to her before the dance. This year, I'm planning on spending the night by myself, in my dark bedroom, brooding and remembering.

The others all have plans. Rocky asked Kat to be his valentine. They'll be at the dance tomorrow night. It's all my blue clad friend has been able to talk about for the last three days. Kat was so stunned she hasn't said much since she accepted. Tanya and Adam are going to be going to dinner, the dance, and then a movie. Even Billy worked up enough courage to ask Clarissa Dawson, the Student Body President, to be his Valentine. And me, you ask? I'm sitting home brooding on this lovely Thursday night, wishing to God that tomorrow would pass by as quickly as possible.

The gang keeps trying to convince me to go to the dance, but I don't want to have to face the whispers and pointing I'm sure will happen. For the last week, since the day I got the damned letter that brought my world crashing down on me, the news of the break up with Kim has spread like wild fire. That was to be expected, I think to myself, as Kim and I were Angel Grove's Royal Couple for nearly two years. How we got that title, I'll never know, but that's what we were. And now, it's as if that never even happened. As if the last two and a half years of my life never existed, at least where Kim is concerned. I'm like a brother to her. Me, of all people, A BROTHER FIGURE! I shudder at that thought. If she thinks what we had was sibling anything, then she must be insane, unless some weird branch of her family believes in incest, but I won't go there.

I can hear the doorbell. I'm still lying on my bed, face buried in the pillows, trying to suffocate my life away. Ok, so I'm being a bit over-dramatic, but hey, the love of my life just sent me a Dear John letter and broke up with me. I'm entitled to feel like this. Knowing that my dad's still at work and my mom just stepped out to get dinner from my favorite Chinese takeout place, I push myself to my feet and trudge into the hallway, down the stairs, and fling open the front door without asking who's there. A man in a black suit is standing there, shocked by the suddenness of my answering the door. I glare at the man as he adjusts his tie and takes off the black hat he's wearing. "Um, may I speak with Thomas Oliver?" the man asks.

I glare at him. "Which one?" He blinks, blinks again, and then looks down at the envelope in his hands.

"Um...whichever one goes by Tommy?" the man asked.

"That would be me. What can I do for you?" I ask, watching the man eye me.

"I was hired to deliver this and inform you that a limo will be here at seven-thirty sharp tomorrow evening to pick you up." He hands me the envelope, which I eye suspiciously.

I watch him as he steps back, looking rather nervous. "And just why is a limo coming to pick me up?"

"Sir, I don't know the details, I'm only informing you of what I was told. I believe the rest is explained by the contents of the envelope." With that he turns and walks away, leaving me standing in the doorway watching him. Realizing that I'm still staring out at the empty porch, I slam the door shut and stalk into the living room, eyeing the contents in my hand.

Plopping down on the couch, I tear into the manila envelope unceremoniously. Inside is a piece of paper. I eye it in surprise. The paper itself carries a pink and white design of hearts and roses, and in red ink, that from a computer printer, are words that confuse me.

Dearest Tommy,

Your presence is requested at the Angel Grove High St. Valentine's Day Extravaganza, to be held in Angel Grove Municipal Park, on Friday, February 14, at eight o'clock in the evening. A limo will pick you up promptly at seven-thirty. I look forward to seeing you.

Your Secret Admirer

And for every day I live
The promise that I made
Is I will never let you go babe

Ok, now I'm as confused as hell. A secret admirer? Who, in his or her right mind, doesn't know that the only person I want to go to this dance with is my goddess of gymnastics, who has just dumped me flat on my ass for some flyboy Pan Global hopeful? I'm so deep in my thoughts that when the phone rings I jump. Glaring at the cursed appliance, I lean over the end of the couch and snatch it from its resting place. "Oliver residence, Tommy speaking."

"Hey, Bro." The voice is as familiar as my own. Jason. I smile. The one person I can talk to about this whole damned mess. Once I'd gotten over the shock of Kim's letter, I'd called Jason in Geneva, only to reach his answering machine. That had been two days ago. It's about time he got back to me. "Talk to me Tommy."

"You heard my message!" I protest as I stare at the paper in my hand.

There's silence on the other end, and I know Jason's frowning at the phone. There's no way in hell I could consider him my best friend and not know exactly what expression is crossing his face as the silence hangs between us. "Yes, I heard your message, and all I can say to that is there is no way in hell Kimberly would EVER do that to YOU."

"Welcome to hell," I grumble as I hear something get thrown on the other end. "Everything alright, Jas?"

There's a muttered curse as I hear what sounds like a door slamming. "Just peachy. Look, are you gonna go to the dance or not?" Now that question was completely unexpected. Um, DUH Jason! My only love just dumped me, a week before the biggest lovers' holiday of the year. Do you really expect me to go to this dance alone?

"No," I curtly reply.

"Why not? Billy told me..." and then he stops. Something fishy is going on, and I suddenly get the feeling my friends are conspiring against me.

"Jason, what aren't you telling me?"

He sighs. I hear the bed groan as he sits on it. I can only imagine what Billy's told Jason that I haven't. "Look, did something arrive today?"

Ok, now I definitely know something's going on. "Yes," I hesitantly reply.

"Just do us all a favor and go with the flow. Trust me, it's the best thing for you right now." I'm glaring at the phone again as I hear that.


He sighs again. Ok, Jason, dammit, stop sighing like that. It's driving me nuts! "Tommy, just remember: tomorrow night, have an open mind." And with that, the phone goes dead. Ok, is it just me or does it seem like either King Mondo or Lord Zedd have gotten a hold of my long-time best friend and turned him into a code-talking stranger? Well, there isn't much to do now except face the school day tomorrow and go and find out about my secret admirer.

I swear I never knew love like this before
And for everything you are
I gotta make you know


If I've said it once, I'll say it again, I really hate St. Valentine's Day, especially this year. Here I am, sitting in Zeo Zord V's docking bay, making minor repairs to my Zord before this big dance and still trying to make sense of my friends' actions today.

All five of them were unusually silent, and they kept staring at me for long periods of time that were just unnerving. I know I've turned into a flake this last week, but come on guys! For the millionth time today, I wonder what exactly has gotten into the water of Angel Grove, as all my teachers and fellow students were acting strange, not just my five closest friends and comrades. Every time I walked down a hallway or entered a classroom, all discussion stopped dead in its tracks as the students and teachers peered up at me. The sudden beeping of my communicator jostles me from my unnerving thoughts.

"Yes, Alpha?" I ask as I turn back to finish the repairs on my Zord.

"Tommy, Zordon would like you to report to the Power Chamber immediately." I sigh. What else could go wrong today?

"I'm on my way." So saying, I lay down the power drill I'd been using and teleport from the bay to the Power Chamber.


I look around the Power Chamber for any signs of Zordon or Alpha, and I find none. Ok, didn't Alpha just tell me I was supposed to come here? As I turn to look to where Zordon's warp tube is, I see an envelope sitting on one of the consoles, my name neatly hand written on the front. Sighing, I walk over and pick it up. A sudden smell causes memories to start flashing across my mind's eye so fast that I can feel my heart rate speed up. Strawberries and Vanilla. I know that scent; in fact, it's one that brings to mind images of a golden brown-haired girl and long, quiet strolls in Angel Grove Park.

Quickly, I tear open the envelope. Inside is a card, done in the same design as the paper from yesterday.

My only love,

Mistakes were made, promises to be kept were shattered, but on St. Valentine's Day, a heart broken can be mended.

Your eyes - the color of deepest brown; your arms, the safest place I know in this world; your heart, no longer quite complete, but I make a vow, here and now. I will never let them go, just as I will never truly be able to let you go.

It started with a glance, and exploded into so much more. My dreams have taken me away - so far away - from the only comfort and love I've ever known. It is tonight that I return, to reclaim that which is my hart's desire. I only pray your faith, trust, hope, and love were not shattered beyond repair.

Tonight, as you dance under the moon and stars, I will be with you, as I've longed to be for forever. I bid you come, join me on this night, when lovers far and wide gather close together. You will know me by the gift of love that I carry.

Till this evening, think of me.

Your Secret Admirer ~~

My heart is racing. How in the hell did my secret admirer know to get this to me here? My brain races over the list of people who know of this place, know my secret. Jason, Zack, Trini, Aisha, Rocky, Adam, Tanya, Kat, Billy, and Kim...oh wait, my brother knows now too.

I'm so confused. Trini and I have only ever been good friends. The same can be said for me and Aisha and Tanya, the latter of which is in love with Adam. Then there's Kat. While I know she sorta started out with a crush on me, she and Rocky seem to be heading in the direction of romance. That leaves the guys, and I know without a doubt that all of my friends are straight as an arrow. Ok, back up a minute. Ruling all of those people out leaves one person. Kim.

My heart constricts and thumps wildly all at once. There is no way, after what happened a week ago, that this could be Kim, could it?

For your love
I would give anything for your love
(For your love, yeah)
'Cause baby I'd never make it alone
And forever I'll stand by your side
I just gotta make you see yeah
I only live... for your love


I'm staring at myself in the mirror. How in the world could I let my mother talk me into this? I'm dressed in my most formal suit other than my tuxedo. I've carefully shaved my face, washed and blown my hair dry, and pulled the wild mane into a sleek ponytail. I'm even wearing a tie and dress shoes. Gee, the last time I got this dressed up was Christmas, when I took Kim...and the thought gets cut off there by the knocking on my bedroom door.

"It's open!" I call as the door swings open, my mom on the other side. She's got this look in her eyes, like she knows exactly what's going on but won't tell me. It's rather unnerving actually.

"The limo's here." Her smile is soft and gentle, tinged with a bit of sadness and wistfulness all in one.

"I'll be right down," I tell her as I turn back to the mirror. She doesn't move from her spot in my doorway, I know she wants to say something. "Mom, what's wrong?"

"Just promise me something," she starts as I turn toward her, nodding. "Whatever happens tonight, keep a calm, clear head, and think things through rationally." I blink at her. Ok, when did Jason and my mother start sounding so alike?

I gulp in confusion, my lips pursed together as I nod my understanding. "Mom, you know what's going on, don't you?" I see the tears well in her eyes as she nods.

"Yes, I do." With that, I get one last smile before she turns and goes back down the stairs.

I sigh as I take one last, long look in the mirror. "It's now or never," I whisper as I turn and head down.

When I was running out of faith
You still believed in me
And never let me fall


I'm gawking. I know I am. It's not everyday that a white, super-stretch limo is parked in front of my house. Hell, the last time a limo was parked there was the last dance Kim and I went to before she left for Florida - Junior Prom last May - and that was nothing compared to what's parked there now. I can hear my parents behind me in the doorway, both of them chuckling at the astonishment on my face. "You two wouldn't have anything to do with this, would you?" I asked my parents, who shook their heads at me. Just as I turn back to the limo, the driver opens the back door and several people step out. "Jason?" I ask in disbelief. Ok, yeah, me being confused is starting to become a regular thing, but I really don't get this. He's supposed to be in Switzerland.

"Your secret admirer has been working extra hard," Jason said as Trini, Zack, Aisha, Billy, Billy's date, Rocky, Adam, Kat, Tanya, my brother David and I'm assuming David's date step from the car after he did.

"Come on Bro," Zack starts, slinging his arm around Aisha's shoulders. I hadn't expected all of my friends, well almost all of my friends, to come home. "You think we'd miss this? It's not everyday we get to see our fearless leader speechless." The entire team glares at him, while Clarissa and the other girl, who I recognize as my brother's friend Marie Cloud Dancer, simply look on in confusion.

"Funny, Bro, very funny. Anybody want to share with me what they know?" I ask as Mom starts shooing me over so she can get pictures. All of us roll our eyes at her but scrunch together nonetheless.

The group is largely silent, which worries me. They know what's going on, that much I've figured out. It's the fact that none of them are spilling their guts that has me worried. Eventually, the gang starts piling back into the limo. "Tommy, don't forget to bring your secret admirer back here tonight! I want pictures!" Mom hollers as I get in, allowing the driver to shut the door behind me. I sigh, realizing I'm squished between Trini and Kat, who slid over from her spot next to Rocky. How the thirteen of us managed to squish ourselves into this limo I'll never know. Now, back to the situation at hand.

"Alright, somebody want to tell me what's going on, PLEASE?" I beg, the last of my words grinding out.

The others simply smile at me. "You'll see when we get there," Trini says, patting my hand in reassurance. I look over at my former teammate and glare. In the entire time I've known Trini, I don't think I've ever wanted to strangle her more than I do right now.


The pavilion the dance committee chose for the event is over flowing with Angel Grove high students as we all pile out of the limo. I frown as all of my friends pair off with each other, leaving me by myself in the middle of the group. Jason, Trini, Billy and Zack share wistful smiles, ones that tell me they're thinking back on another time much like this one. Aisha, Adam and Rocky are grinning like fools, while Kat and Tanya keep looking around in search of someone. I look over at David, who's got the smallest hint of a smile on his face. "Come on Bro, tell me!" I beg him as we make our way to the pavilion. It's decorated in white, red, and pink streamers, hearts, cupids, and flowers. I can't help the little flip my heart does, thinking of those colors together. Pink, white and red represent something to me that no longer exists outside of my Zeo duties.

"Tommy, relax. Look, all I'm going to say is," David starts, looking me square in the eyes. "Tonight, some of your questions from the last week will be answered." And with that, my brother and his date stroll away from the group. I watch as, pair by pair, the rest of my friends dispersed from where we'd been standing.

"Tommy, I didn't think I'd see you here tonight." I turn to stare at Ms. Applebee. The plump, happy, always-willing-to-help-you-out teacher is smiling at me in surprise.

I nod. "Yeah, I didn't think I'd come either, but it appears I've got a secret admirer who just wants me to be here," I tell her, watching the smile on her face intensify a hundred times.

"Yes, I've heard all about that. In fact, I actually helped your friend out with tonight's plans, just in case you decided to come." I turn my full attention to my teacher.

"Ms. Applebee?" I plead with her. I need answers, and since my friends aren't forthcoming with them, I'm going to go to the next best source. I give her the puppy-dog look, the one I know none of my girl friends or female teachers seem to be able to resist. In fact, the only female able to resist it is my mother, but that's because she's lived with it since the day I'd been adopted.

She smiles sadly at me, her attention shifting to across the pavilion. "I had wondered what happened to you a week ago," she starts softly. Her gaze is still on something, someone, else, but mine is riveted to her face. "I pulled your friends aside and asked. I even went and talked to Ernie at the Juice Bar. I can relate to what you're going through, Tommy. I had my heart broken in much the same manner."

I feel the tears I thought I'd shoved down earlier pricking the back of my eyes. Never once had I imagined that my sunny, happy, perky teacher had ever experienced what I'd been through. "Tommy, what if what happened, happened because the person involved was confused, hurting, and not thinking clearly?"

Her words stopped me short. I hadn't thought about that. I'd been wallowing in so much self-pity for the last week I hadn't stopped to question Kim's real motives, hadn't stopped to look passed the pretense of the letter to the root of everything. "I'm not sure I follow you."

"You will. I think I've given you enough to think about. The next song is starting, and if I'm not mistaken, your confusion is about to come to a clear end," she whispers, a smile on her face as she leans over and pats my cheek before turning and walking away. That's when I hear the song that's started.

And the times I lost my way
You're the one who helped me up
And brought me through it all

I can feel the hair on my arms and on the back of my neck stand straight up. My gaze turns to the stage, which is where Ms. Applebee had been staring a few seconds before. I watch the couples who'd been dancing in front of it move, revealing one lone figure holding a single, blood red rose.

A voice so hauntingly familiar comes to mind, reminding me of the significance of that particular color of rose. 'Red Roses are the symbol for true and undying love.'

'My secret admirer!' I think in panic. As I stare at the stage, I notice how the woman before me is dressed. Pale pink satin cascades down from the tops of her breasts to the middle of her thighs in a dress reminiscent of the baby doll dresses of her past. On her small, dainty feet is a pair of high-heeled sandals, with straps that criss cross up tanned, smooth calves to her knees in the same soft pink as her dress. Her caramel colored locks, which were just below her shoulders the last time I'd seen her, are pulled up into a French twist, the ends curled and spilling down over her hair clip. Soft, pleading brown eyes glisten as tears fill them.

I can sense the other students around me. I can sense my friends' attention on me and on her. My mind is screaming at me to do something but I'm rooted to my spot. Part of me had hoped beyond hope that she'd be here tonight, that she'd be my secret admirer, but the biggest part of me knew I'd been a fool to think that, until now.


I swear I never saw it like this before
'Cause baby with your love you gave me
The reason to go on
And for your love

She smiles, and I notice with fear how it doesn't reach her eyes. For as long as I've known her, whenever Kim has smiled, it's always lit her entire face up, but especially filled those doe-like eyes I love so much, with the sparkle of everything in her. Now it's fake, forced, as she stares at me in a way I had only prayed to God I'd never witness.

"Tommy." My name is the softest whisper from those red-stained lips. She looks good enough to devour right here, but after what's happened between us, saying to hell with it all probably isn't the best thing in the world to do.

Somehow, someway, we make our way to each other. We're standing in the middle of the dance floor, and I know our friends are still watching us, along with the rest of Angel Grove High. Kim looks like she's ready to break, so I do the only thing I can think of - I reach out and quickly pull her into my arms, crushing her against my body, before she can protest.

I can feel the sobs tear from her throat; can feel them shake her body right down to the very last cell. I press my face into the side of her neck, holding on for dear life. All I'm asking for, if you can hear me God, is for one final night, one final time, let me tell her how much I love her. After this, I'll step away and let her fly free. "Oh Tommy!" she cries out into my ear, her words very nearly eclipsed by her crying.

In the shock of my pulling her to me, I never realized until just a second ago that I'm shaking as much as she is, or that I'm even crying at all. It's not an easy thing for a guy like me to admit, but yes, I'm crying, crying like a three-year-old who's just lost his best friend in the entire world. "Oh God, Kim!" I manage as I let my lips rub unconsciously against the warm skin of her neck.

When she suddenly pulls back, I stand up, looking at her in surprise. She looks up at me, not bothering to wipe away the trail left by her salty tears. "I'm so sorry," she speaks softly, her eyes never leaving mine. "I am so sorry for everything I've put you through for the last week."

My emotionally clogged brain starts to clear as I hear her words. I pull back until the only contact we have with one another is our joined hands. The shock of seeing her delayed the pain of her betrayal until just now. "WHY?" I snarl suddenly. I watch her flinch, part of me wanting to comfort her, but I need the truth. I need to know what happened, what I did.

The tears start flowing again as she looks to the floor then back up to my face. She shakes away whatever thoughts are racing through her head. I watch her lick her dry lips in a nervous attempt to work up the courage to answer me. "I was so scared," she starts, her voice barely above a whisper. I watch her, my eyes pleading with her to tell me what happened to us. "After everything we'd been through, both personally and professionally, I realized that I'd finally chosen my childhood dreams over the ones I'd started making the day you walked into my life."

I'm not quite sure if I understand her, so I wait patiently, no matter how much it kills me to do so, for her to finish. "Everything was fine until I went back after Christmas. Tommy, I wanted you to be happy, and I thought the only way to make you happy was to let you go, let us go. I was three thousand miles away; I had no right to keep you tied down, not at this point in your life. You've already got enough to worry about," she cries softly, forcing the last few words as she starts full force sobbing again. All I want to do as I watch her fall apart is pull her into my arms and reassure her that it doesn't matter, but I'd be lying to myself. It matters, all of it matters, so I'm going to stand right where I am and let her finish.

"Kim," I croak as she looks up at me. "I was happy. I had everything, even without you here, I knew I had everything as long as I had you."

I would give anything for your love
(For your love, yeah)
'Cause baby I'll never make it alone
(Don't ya know)
And forever I'll stand by your side
I just gotta make you see yeah
I only live... for your love

"I know that now," she whispers through her pain. "Tommy, there was never another guy, the letter was a lie. Since the day you walked into my life, there's never been another guy, and never will be. It's always been, always will be, you. I was scared, scared that I was hurting you by staying in a relationship with you. I was confused as hell from my visit home at Christmas; after I got home all I could think about was how happy you six seemed without me, especially you and Kat." That last sentence, I knew that last sentence was coming. Kat and I had been getting exceptionally close around that time, but that's only cause she understood how much I'd been missing Kim.

Kim squeezed my hands as I stared down at her. Part of my brain registered exactly what she'd just said about the letter, and me being the only one she's ever loved. Her next words rocked me a bit. "What's more, things have been so bad in Florida that I wasn't thinking clearly. It wasn't until Billy and Jason's calls earlier this week that I realized what exactly I'd done." My best friends had interfered on my behalf...thank you God. "I came home, did all of this, with their help, with the intention of apologizing to you. I know I can't change what happened, what I did to you, but I wanted to ask you if you could forgive me enough for us to still be friends."

Us? Friends? I shake my head in disbelief, watching as Kim's face darkened. We've never been just friends, Kim, there's always been so much more between us. I'm not even sure of what's happening around me until I watch the face I know so well go stone cold. "I should have known I'd hurt you beyond the point of you forgiving me, but I had to come home and try," she whispers as she starts to pull away. I blink, my mind and heart having finally caught up with each other, and with her.

"Kim," I start as she turns from me and stops mere steps from where I'm standing. "I forgive you." Three simple words that seem so easy to say but are so hard after every feeling I've experienced for the last week. I can see her back stiffen as her ears register what I've just said. "But we can't be friends."

She turns around to face me, like a mature, confident, adult would as she accepts the consequences of her actions. I see she's crying still, so I let the words that I've been waiting to say since Christmas come tumbling out. "I love you. We can't be friends, 'cause we've never been friends, it's always been all or nothing between us."

I watch the realization dawn in her eyes seconds before the smile slips onto her face. I smile back at her, give her one nod, and laugh out loud as she lunges into my open and waiting arms.

And everything I am
And all that I could be
Would mean nothing now
If you're not with me

I hold Kim close to me, as close as I possibly can. Right here, right now, I feel more complete then I have in my entire life. I lean down and brush my lips across her forehead, listening to her choke back the happy sobs that are trying to get out. I feel the same way, Beautiful, I think as I savor the moment.

Our bodies begin to move of their own accord as the song starts to swell around us. I feel her thin arms trapped between us, her hands digging into the material of my jacket, clinging with all her might. My own arms are wrapped securely around her, holding her body close to mine. I lay my head on top of hers, feeling her snuggle close.

Slowly, we turn in circles to the beat of the music, and I open my eyes to see our friends watching us. I can see both Billy and Jason sigh in relief. Trini and Aisha are both giving me smiles that are a mile wide, while Zack and Rocky are giving me double thumbs up. Adam's nodding his head in approval as both Tanya and Kat look on with happy tears in their eyes. I can see David smirking at me - he hasn't met Kim yet, but he will, and the look he's giving me says he wants ALL the details of what's going to happen after this dance is over.

The final person I lock eyes with is Ms. Applebee, whose face is soft and luminous with joy. Of all my teachers, she's always been my favorite, and for good reason. I think she's had more to do with me and Kim being back together than she'll ever admit, and for that, I'm grateful.

Shinin' your light on me
When night is closin' in
When I was weak
You were the one who made me strong
You gave me faith to carry on

The rest of the dance was pretty much a blur. The only things I can remember distinctly are having Kimberly and my friends beside me, and the fact that Kat and Rocky were made the Valentine's Queen and King at the end of the night. They both blushed red enough to rival my Red Ranger uniform.

Now Kim and I are walking through the park while the others hang out near the pavilion. I laugh to myself when we stop, realizing exactly where we've come to; OUR spot on the lake. I look down at Kim's face and see an answering smile there. She realizes what I just did. "Kinda ironic, isn't it?" she asks softly as I turn her to face me, wrapping both of my arms around her in the process.

"How so?" I ask in return.

"We may have met at school, but the park is where it all really started for us," she whispers as I smile. I know exactly what she's talking about.

Deciding it's been more than enough to have her make every move in our relationship, I say the three words I know she'll appreciate. "I miss you."

She laughs. I've told her I love her countless times before, but those other three little words I haven't even said to her the entire time she's been gone, and they hold even more meaning for us then I love you could. I stumble back when she jumps up and throws her arms around me, my own arms locking around her tighter of their own accord. "I can't wait to come home for good, I miss you so much!" she murmurs in my ear as I hold her. I knew this was coming. Kim can't stay longer than Sunday morning, as she has to return to finish the dream she gave her life up for, and it hurts like hell to think of letting her go back again after everything we've been through.

"When are you coming home?" I ask hastily. She smiles up at me.

"Pan Globals aren't until July. I should be home for good as early as August."

I give her my best puppy-dog look. "Can't come home for a visit sooner than that? Say like graduation?" I see the internal war she's fighting through her eyes.

"I'll try," she whispers as she pulls back to stand on her own. I smile down at her, reassured now more than ever that when this is all over with, she'll come home and we can be together.

"Kim," I murmur as she looks up at me, her eyes wide and full of life.


"I love you."

She smiles that mega-watt smile I love so much. "I love you, too."

I'd give anything for your love
(I'd give anything now)
'Cause baby I'd never make it alone
(I'll never make it alone)
And forever I'll stand by your side
I just gotta make you see yeah
I wanna live... for your love
I wanna sing...for your love
Wanna give for your love

I'd give anything for your love
(I'd give anything now)
'Cause baby I'd never make it alone
(I'll never make it alone)
And forever I'll stand by your side