Written By: The 61 Minutes News Team (Pink-Green-White-4ever and Shawn30)

Summary: With two years of false news reports, lies written in many articles, privacy-invading prime time exposes, and unofficial books written about them and their former lives as Power Rangers the original twelve decide to finally set the record straight in a series of one-on-one interviews with Barbara Walters.

Timeline: Early 2007. Power Rangers Dino Thunder took place, although Tommy and Kim reunited during it. All will be explained in their own words. EVERYTHING else is canon, but keep in mind the Rangers are adults now and we're writing this as if the events in the PR universe happened in real life.

Rating: R for no holds barred adult language.
Couples: Outside of Tommy and Kim just keep your eyes open *evil grin*


Authors Notes 1: In early 2005 secret Government files were accidentally opened to the public revealing the names of the first twelve Power Rangers. The C.I.A were covertly keeping tabs on everything that took place in Angel Grove during the Rangers tour of duty and discovered over the years the identities of the Power Rangers. They never learned all the details of what happened behind the scenes with Zordon or the various enemies they fought, but enough intelligence was gathered that names and addresses were discovered. Upon being ousted to the public, the former Rangers anonymous lives were over as they became instant, overnight celebrities.

But the lights of stardom tend to fade and after while their privacy was being invaded from all sides. Former friends and family members began writing books and giving interviews for money. News crews hounded their residences. Paparazzi hounded them everywhere they went, as well as their work places. Nighttime news programs ran intense exposť on their lives, loves, and pieced-together history as Power Rangers. Outright Lies, crazy assumptions, and rude invasions of
privacy have led the former Rangers to finally break their silence and tell their story in their own words.

As is posted on the ABC: The profile of Barbara Walters, she has arguably interviewed more statesmen, Presidents, and stars than any other journalist in history. She is so well known that her name and a brief biography is listed in the American Heritage Dictionary. And when the former Ranger's new publicist contacted her to conduct the interviews she jumped at the chance to bring the story of Earth's greatest heroes to the world in their own words, while humanizing the larger than life warriors that risked their lives to protect the world for so many years.

Choosing a small, intimate studio audience while allowing call-in questions to be taken live on the air, the former Power Rangers will at last tell their story, answer Barbara's pointed questions as well as your own concerning their professional and private lives. Expect the unexpected as this prime time interview series will air on HBO instead of network television.

Authors Notes 2: Kimberly Ann Hart-Oliver opens the new groundbreaking series, followed by her husband Dr. Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott and Trini Kwan. The next series will involve Dr. Billy Cranston, Adam Park, Katherine Hillard, and Aisha Campbell. The last series gives us Tanya Sloan, Rocky DeSantos, Zackary Taylor and Justin Stewart. Concluding things will be a huge round table discussion with all of the Rangers present.

Authors Notes 3: Rita Repulsa first attacked the Earth on August 28, 1993. That's twelve and a half years ago. Our walk down memory lane begins now...




(Male voice over) "This is The Barbara Walters special the entire world has waited to see."

(Video footage of massive Zord's streaking across the sky and then swooping down on alien invaders.)


(Barbara Walters voice-over) "They were known as the Mighty Morphiní Power Rangers. Earth's first, last, and best line of defense against powerful enemies far beyond the abilities of the military


(Video footage of towering alien monsters rampaging downtown Angel Grove, destroying buildings and everything in their path while citizens ran for their lives.)

"Though no one knew who they were or where they came from, the first five Power Rangers emerged; the red, blue, yellow, black, and pink Ranger's took the world by storm with their heroic daily defense of the planet. Never seeking fame or seeking fortune they valiantly risked their lives while offering no reason why or expectation of recondition for their deeds."


(Video footage shown of the first five Rangers engaged in intense hand-to-hand combat in the streets of Angel Grove, battling hordes of Putties. Laser fire explodes all over the screen.)


"Though secretive, they were the media darlings of the world, and as popular as they were, when the formerly evil Green Ranger joined their ranks, the Rangers popularity skyrocketed into cult status. They were officially a phenomenon."

(Video footage of the most famous Power Ranger battles of all time. Incredible acrobatics are displayed. Hulking Mega Zords pulverize gigantic monsters while people scatter for their lives below. The entrance of the White Ranger includes his infamous theme song and his ascension to leader.)


"Not only did the Power Rangers come in new colors, but behind the scenes things were changing as well. The public has always wondered just who were those amazing individuals? Where did they come from and why did their uniforms change from time to time? These larger than life heroes came into our lives and then vanished for years at a time only to reappear in other cities when the threats to Earth returned."

(Video footage of various Ranger teams in action poses, leaping through the air in gravity defying maneuvers, running from humongous explosions as rock music played throughout.)


"No matter the team-title at the beginning or the end, the name was the same: Power Rangers. The defenders of Earth. They were the silent heroes we told our children stories about at night. They were counted on to save the day and never failed us. They gave us hope at a time when little was to be found. We never had a face or a voice or even a first name to any of the Rangers and for most that was alright. They had saved the Earth countless times and when the Rangers of Angel Grove disappeared we all hoped and prayed that they were at peace wherever they were.


(Video montage of Ranger battles in slow motion with softer music playing in the background.)


"And then came March 5th, 2005. Several highly classified government documents were accidentally made public in a blunder to this day still earmarked in controversy. The fallout of which detailed by name the first twelve Power Rangers of Angel Grove. Two years later no less than five hundred newspaper articles, nineteen books, fifty primetime news programs in several languages, and an upcoming major motion picture epic have all attempted to piece together the story of the people inside the helmets."

(Video footage of Trini Kwan being chased by paparazzi into her car outside a grocery store. Dr. Billy Cranston attempting to teach a physics class at M.I.T with hordes of cameramen standing outside the building filming his lecture. Aisha Campbell nearly coming to blows with a reporter who almost rear-ended her car.)


"Two years of having their private lives shredded in the media, chased at every turn by reporters and news hounds, as well as having books written about them without their consent has led to all twelve of the original Power Rangers agreeing to a series of individual interviews that will finally give the world a peek inside their lives in their own words. We here at ABC would like to thank Dr. Tommy and Kimberly Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Trini Kwan, Billy Cranston, Aisha Campbell, Adam and Tanya Park, Rocky DeSantos, Katherine Hillard and Justin Stewart for their time and candor."

(Slow motion video footage of the former Rangers in street clothes standing on Angel Grove Mountain at dawn, the stone visage of the Command Center in the background.)


"Every story... every rumor... every assumption you have ever had about Earthís greatest heroes is about to be explained in their own words. Itís time to meet the Power Rangers for the very first time."