Its 5 yrs. post Endings Pt. 2, and the infamous former B Squad are invited back to the Academy
to celebrate Crugerís reassignment to General and head of SPD HQ and Skyís promotion to Commander,
but something goes awry, and they have to race against the clock to save one of their friends before itís too late.
Rating: T
Relationship: Syd/Sky, Bridge/Z, Jack/Ally, Cruger/Isinia, Kat/Boom

Race Against Time Wallpaper
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Prologue: Return Of B Squad        Chapter 1: Distress Signals
Chapter 2: Wreckage       Chapter 3: Hope Dies Last
Chapter 4: Home Again      Chapter 5: Temporary Comfort
Chapter 6: Missing Friend      Chapter 7: Betrayal
Chapter 8: And Then There Were Two      Chapter 9: Unbreak My Heart
Chapter 10: SPD Emergency      Chapter 11: Rise Of The Phoenix
Chapter 12: Shattered Dreams      Epilogue: The Finish Line
Epilogue: The Finish Line - MA Version