Summary: Shortly after Zordon died, a team of Rangers, gathered from around the universe, was created in secret as a back up team to help in case of emergencies. Now, they seek their leader's former flame to help them save her, and the universe. The majority of the story takes place after Dino Thunder.
Rating: M for adult situations and language
Relationship: Tommy/Kim, Billy/Cestria, Pallaton/Rhiannon, Peta/Kaia, Chogan/Kimana, Ashley/Andros, Cassie/T.J, Kendrix/Leo, Maya/Damon, Conner/Kira, and Zhane/Karone with mention of Tommy/Kat
Guest Appearances By: Too many to mention

Prologue: A New Team, A New Mission  //   Chapter 1: Arrival  //   Chapter 2: Return Of The Falcon

Chapter 3: Memories Of The Past, Pt. 1  //   Chapter 4: Calling In The Calvary  //   Chapter 5: Battle Preparations

Chapter 6: Memories Of The Past, Pt. 2  //   Chapter 7: The Search  //   Chapter 8: Memories Of The Past, Pt. 3

Chapter 9: Zedd vs. The Ninjetti  //   Chapter 10: Memories Of The Past, Pt. 4